Fantastic Mantle, Campanella And Other GU Bats In Game Used Universe Store

How many Mickey Mantle game used bats have you seen in the hobby that resided with the original owner for 50 years? Well, now you can add one to your collection. This incredible bat, which also possesses a single-signed vintage autograph from Mantle, was won in a raffle in 1958 and had resided with the lucky winner for 50 years. The bat (graded GU 8) and the autograph have been authenticated by PSA and the bat also comes with a notarized letter from the original raffle winner stating he had kept the bat in his possession from 1958 to 2008. It is now being offered to the general collecting community for the FIRST TIME through Game Used Universe. All-in-all, it would be difficult to find a better Mickey Mantle game used bat for your collection than this one.

In addition to the Mantle bat, Game Used Universe is also offering a beautiful Roy Campanella 1950-53 H&B Game Used Bat that has been authenticated by PSA/DNA and awarded a GU 8.5 grade. Of all post- war Hall of Famers, Campanella’s game used bats are among the most difficult to obtain. Only one example is currently listed in the MEARS database, and there have been only a few Campy bats that have been offered in the past 10 years. Trying to find a Campy to fill that hole in your collection — Don’t miss this one! Other bats also now being offered in the Game Used Universe store include Eddie Mathews, Al Kaline, Carl Yastrzemski, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Gwynn, Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk and Keith Hernandez.

If you would like any additional information on these items, or to place an order, please feel free to call us at 925.552.8023 or email us at You can also find these, and all other game used bats currently being offered through Game Used Universe store, by clicking on the following link:

GUU Store Game Used Bats

Highlights Include:

Mickey Mantle 1958-60 Adirondack Game Used Autographed Professional Model Bat – PSA/DNA LOA, PSA Auto LOA, Additional Provenance

In 1958, the Corpus Christi School in Piedmont, California held the school’s annual “Dads and Sons Night.” During the event a raffle was held, with the grand prize being a game used Mickey Mantle baseball bat autographed by Mickey himself. The prize had been obtained by one of the dads who had connections with the New York Yankees (Major League Baseball had just come to the west coast) and was able to get the bat donated specifically for the raffle. The lucky grand prize winner that night was a 6th grader at the school who has maintained the bat in his personal possession for over fifty years, since he won it in 1958.
Roy Campanella 1950-53 Hillerich & Bradsby Professional Model Game Used Bat – PSA/DNA LOA GU 8.5

This bat is a Roy Campanella game-used professional model baseball bat manufactured by the Hillerich & Bradsby Company. The bat has Campanella’s name stamped in block letters on the barrel as he did not have an endorsement contract with the company either at the time of manufacture, or at any time during his career. This bat was manufactured in what is commonly referred to as 1950-60 era labeling. However, this bat is specific to the period between 1950-53. The model number G80 is stamped into knob of this bat. The bat has a natural, or regular, finish. It measures 35.5 inches in length and weighs approximately 34.8 ounces.

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