Fifty-Year-Old Baseball Teams Represented With Stunningly Styled Gamers In Upcoming Auction

In a hobby where it is sometimes difficult to predict the investment potential of items, one thing is for sure — pieces representing milestones, rarity and significant events are always the most revered among collectors. Amazingly, Heritage Auctions’ upcoming 2012 April Signature event will feature a pair of desirable baseball gamers, which possess all the previously mentioned characteristics, while each jersey originates from a franchise celebrating a half decade in existence.

1962 Charlie Neal Game Worn
New York Mets Jersey

Estimate: $6,000-$8,000

1962-64 Bob Aspromonte Game Worn
Houston Colt .45’s Jersey

Estimate: $6,000-$8,000


Heritage Sports Experts’ Consignment Trips

With Heritage Auctions’ April 2012 Signature Auction right around the corner, our sports card and memorabilia experts will be travelling to California and New York for, what we hope to be, one of the most successful consignment trips during the first part of the New Year.

Heritage sports representative Mark Jordan will be in the Northern California area until January 22 picking up quality consignments, with the majority of his time to be spent in San Jose and Santa Rosa areas. If you have vintage sports cards, autographs or memorabilia please contact Mark at or his direct line at (214) 409-1187 to discuss your consignment and pickup.

East Coast collectors will also have a chance to visit with Heritage representatives, as we will be set up at the White Plains Sports Card Show on January 20-22 (Friday through Sunday) at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY. Featuring 300 tables, the popular show will host an impressive array of autograph guests, including Mike Piazza, John Franco, Mason Williams, Goose Gossage and others. To make an appointment with one of Heritage’s sports experts in the White Plains area, please contact Derek Grady at, (214) 409-1975 or Lee Iskowitz at, (214) 409-1601.

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