Final Two Weeks to Consign at 0% to Small Traditions Summer Premium Auction

5th Annual Small Traditions Holiday Premium Auction In Progress â?? Ends December 9, 2017The consignment deadline for submissions to the Small Traditions Summer Premium Auction is just 10 days away. All items must be in-hand no later than next Friday, June 15th. Please call or write today if you are interested in participating in this event as a seller. For raw card submissions to be considered for our Cost-Free Grading promotion with PSA, please be aware that PSA card grading is currently operating at unprecedented levels of activity, which is a truly great sign for the health of our beloved hobby.

Indeed, collecting cards is now internationally recognized as something as American as apple pie and Cracker Jacks. Due to this historic increase in interest in our hobby, however, PSA’s turnaround times have been impacted. As such, we encourage all consignors interested in our Cost-Free Grading program to submit their cards as soon as possible so that we can prepare them and get them into processing immediately.


Grade & Auction Your Cards without Spending a Penny Out-of-Pocket 

Importantly, for consignors interested in our cost-free grading program, in which we prepare and pay up front for the grading of up to 500 cards, please realize that both the preparation and the grading processes take several weeks, so we encourage you to submit your raw cards as soon as possible.

Please call Dave Thorn & The STs Team at 303.832.1975 or e-mail for more consignment information.