Game Used Universe Announce Exclusive Agreement With Oakland Raiders

Game Used Universe Inc., in conjunction with JO Sports Inc. of Nevada, has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Oakland Raiders that will make legitimate game used Raider memorabilia available to collectors. Game Used Universe/JO Sports will be receiving 2008, 2009 and 2010 game used items directly from the Oakland Raiders and offering these items to collectors. To help validate each item’s authenticity, every Raider item offered through Game Used Universe/JO Sports will have a Letter of Authenticity signed by an Oakland Raider representative.

Regarding game used jerseys, all Raider jerseys offered through Game Used Universe/JO Sports will have a “ThermoPatch” placed on the inside of every jersey which will indicate the name of the player who wore the jersey, date(s) worn and the opponent(s). When a jersey was used for multiple games, the term “thru” will be used on the patch to indicate multiple game use. The ThermoPatch will also have a hologram on it that will correspond to a matching hologram on the Letter of Authenticity. Game Used Universe/JO Sports has also requested the jerseys come unwashed from the Raiders. For the collector, unwashed jerseys will often show visible wear and along with other indicators of game use.

Some of the early arrivals of 2008 Raider game used jerseys are already available though Game Used Universe. Many more game used jerseys from the Raiders’ last two games of 2008, along with Raider game used helmets, will also be available in the coming weeks.

For more information regarding how to obtain legitimate Oakland Raider game used memorabilia, you may contact a Game Used Universe representative by calling 925.552.8023 or emailing