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Gem Mint Auctions, Inc. Brings 2d Barcode Technology To The Hobby

Gem Mint Auctions, Inc. is the first auction house to use 2D Barcodes in print advertising for high-end consignments. This means that potential bidders simply use their smartphone to scan a unique barcode embedded into the advertisement. That scan will take them to a custom video of your consigned item or collection. The video showcases the item and serves to enhance its appeal to potential bidders. 2D Technology helps smartphone users to quickly and easily gain access the auction, view your consigned items, and place their bids from virtually anywhere. For a demonstration, click HERE or use your smartphone and any free barcode reader to scan the barcode above. Do you have a high-end consignment that you would like to see marketed in its best light utilizing the newest technology? If so, CONSIGN TODAY! Gem Mint Auctions, Inc., FINE Collectibles – GEM MINT Service. (626)636-1328

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