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Golden Age Golf – Submit Your Golf Tickets & Photos for PSA Grading

PSA Grading is Here! Submit your tickets, photographs & more for discounted rates. PSA Graded tickets, photographs, and cards are the fastest growing golf collecting areas. Golf collectors have kept most of their gradable memorabilia raw, but PSA graded items are commanding a substantial premium in the current market. Do you have a ticket from an important golf tournament? Do you have any original press photos of famous golfers? Golden Age is doing a large group submission to PSA, and offering discounted rates to our clients. Contact us now to possible items to be included in our group submission.

TO SUBMIT YOUR ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION: Just email us at with your suggested items (with attached pictures).

What Are We Looking For?

  • Tickets
  • Tickets from Victories of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones
  • Tickets from Significant Golf Events (e.g. Mickelson shoots 59, Sunday of 1999 Ryder Cup, etc)
  • Weekly Badges and Sunday tickets to Major Championships
  • Photographs
  • Original Press photographs of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, etc
  • Golf Cards
  • Vintage cards of Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer
  • High End Tiger Woods cards, especially patch cards and auto cards from early 2000s

TO SUBMIT YOUR ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION: Just email us at with your suggested items (with attached pictures).

Want to know what your golf memorabilia is worth? – Interested in possibly selling or consigning?

Contact Ryan Carey today at 855-452-4653.

Why Consign?

1. It’s Easy – Basically, we do all the work and mail you a check once your item is sold. And at Golden Age Golf Auctions, we don’t play games or hit you with hidden fees. We charge a straight 15% consignment fee. All you have to do is mail us your memorabilia, and we’ll take care of authenticating, photographing, loading it to the website, writing a description, promoting, advertising, selling and collecting payment. Then, as soon as we are paid for your item, we immediately issue you a check for exactly 85% of the high bid.

2. Results – Golden Age Golf Auctions has a proven track record of results. Since Golden Age Golf Auctions formed in 2006, no auction house in the world has achieved higher prices or more consistent results than Golden Age Golf Auctions. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our Past Auctions under the Auction tab of our home page. Other auction houses routinely delete their past auctions or hide the results of their less-than-stellar sales. But at Golden Age Golf Auctions, we are proud of the high prices we have routinely been able to achieve for our consignors.

The Bottom Line

Only one thing really matters to you, the collector – how are you going to get the most amount of money for your golf memorabilia? We believe that there is only one answer to that question – by consigning to Golden Age Golf Auctions. Other dealers or auction houses may try to “beg, borrow or steal” to be able to sell your golf memorabilia. But at the end of the day, who is going to put the most amount of money in your pocket? We at Golden Age Golf Auctions believe that our past results speak for themselves. Check out our past auctions and see some of the record prices that we’ve achieved – and then give us a call.

Ryan Carey at 855-452-4653 or

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