Golden Age Modern Collector Golf Auction Ends January 28, 2023

Bid in the Golden Age Modern Collector Golf Auction Ends January 28, 2023.  Hundreds of  golf memorabilia items up for bid including graded golf cards, signed putters, autographs, tickets, books, art, flags and much more!  Items from Tiger, Jack, Palmer, Hogan and more!  Bid, view and register at

We’re back, and we are ready to debut what we are calling our first-ever “Modern Collector” auction. This is our most ambitious auction yet. We’ve spent the past several months curating the very best golf items for the modern collector – with a focus on PSA encapsulated items and Tiger Woods. The golf collecting world is evolving. We believe that this Modern Collector auction is a major leap forward for the golf collecting industry. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

Highlights Include:

  • Tiger Woods Signed 1992 Professional Debut Full Ticket
  • Tiger Woods’ Personal Scotty Cameron Red Dot Newport II Putter
  • 1961 Masters Badge PSA 10 Pop 1, 1st Masters Badge
  • 2001 SP Authentic “Authentic Stars” /900 PSA 10 / Auto 10
  • PSA Type 1 Photo 1931 Bobby Jones Creating Augusta National
  • Scarce Tiger Woods Signed Rookie Card Pop 2
  • Scotty Cameron Prototype Circle T Craftsman SSS Putter w/ welded plumbers neck
  • This auction has items from $20 to $100,000+. We truly have something for every golfer.

The Auction ends Saturday, January 28, 2023. Extended bidding begins at 8p Eastern. At that time, our auction will end on a 30 minute Lot by Lot basis. Mark your calendars.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All initial bids must be placed by 8p Eastern January 28, 20223.
  • At 8p Eastern, Extended Hours Bidding begins. At that time, you may only bid on those exact lots you’ve previously bid on.
  • Each lot will get its own 30 minute clock, which will be extended by 30 minutes any time that lot receives a bid. Once a lot does not receive a bid for 30 minutes, that lot will close.
  • Please reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss a specific lot:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact Golden Age Auctions today at

Golf Photographs are the Next Big Thing. We Explain Why

In this auction, we are shouting it from the rooftops – golf photographs are the most underappreciated (and undervalued) golf collectible. But you do not have to take our word for it; just look to other sports for guidance. Sports photography has exploded in popularity in recent years, with prices soaring as a result. For example, at least 2 different Mickey Mantle baseball photographs are worth over $1 million each.

But Golf photographs? Until recently, the golf photograph world record (for the legendary high grade Old & Young Tom Morris Photo once personally owned by Old Tom) was a measly $19,850 from way back in 2013.

So what makes a golf photograph valuable? That’s where PSA comes in. PSA will now authenticate original photographs, and designate them with either Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4.

  • Type 1: a 1st generation photograph, made from the original negative, during the time when the picture was taken.
  • Type 2: a photograph developed from the original negative (but more than ~2 years from when the picture was taken.
  • Type 3: a 2nd generation photograph developed from a duplicate negative or wire transmission during the time the picture was taken.
  • Type 4: a 2nd generation or later photograph developed from a duplicate negative or wire transmission, but printed after ~2 years from when the picture was taken.

What this means? Collectors are searching the globe for original photographs that PSA will certify as Type 1. And though Type 1 photographs get all the attention, collectors should not sleep on important Type 3 photographs. For instance, a Type 3 photo of Bobby Jones as a teenager is far more valuable than a Type 1 of a lesser player or event.

Check out the amazing photographs that we have curated for this special “Modern Collector” auction:

  • 1934 PSA Type 1 Photograph of Bobby Jones Congratulating Horton Smith for Winning 1st Masters Tournament
  • 1931 Bobby Jones Creating Augusta National PSA Type 1 Photograph
  • c1930 Alister MacKenzie Playing Cypress Point Club PSA Type 1 Photograph
  • c1924 Bobby Jones Holding Original US Amateur Trophy PSA Type 1 by George Pietzcker
  • Tiger Woods 1992 Western Junior Amateur PSA Type 1 Photograph (Tiger using persimmon driver wearing Chicago Bulls hat!)
  • Jack Nicklaus 1978 Open Claret Jug PSA Type 1 Photograph

About Golden Age Golf Auctions

Golden Age Auctions is the leading golf collectibles and memorabilia auction house. The company was founded in 2006 by prominent golf collectors Ryan Carey and Bob Zafian due to the difficulty of buying and selling high quality golf memorabilia in the United States.

At a time when auction houses were routinely setting record prices for sports memorabilia, golf memorabilia had been left to the wayside. For the golf collector, this meant scouring baseball-heavy auction catalogs with hopes of finding a handful of golf items up for sale. Many of these golf lots often contained inaccurate or misleading information which led to much frustration for golf collectors. After Golden Age’s first auction in the summer of 2006, we quickly became the go-to destination for authentic golf collectibles and memorabilia. Over fifteen years later, we’re still delivering on that promise to collectors.

Golden Age’s reputation for integrity, expertise, and service has allowed us to work with many notable figures in the sport. We’ve bought, sold and appraised golf memorabilia for PGA Tour stars, Major Championship winners, golf museums, famous golf clubs, and celebrities. We’ve sold golf memorabilia to collectors around the world – over 50 countries at last count – and our auctions have been featured in notable publications such as Golf Digest,, ESPN, and many others.

Founder & President

Over the past fifteen years, Ryan has developed an extensive knowledge of golf history, collectibles, and memorabilia. His expertise spans a wide range of collecting categories and continues to evolve in order to best serve collectors. He is widely recognized as the leader in the industry and has been quoted in dozens of publications in golf and sports news. Ryan was a contributing author of the 2006 Gilchrist’s Guide to Golf Collectibles and also co-starred in the television show “Golf Treasures”, which aired on the Back9Network in 2015.

Vice President, Business Operations

Curtis is responsible for acquisitions, consignments, and business planning. He joined Golden Age in January of this year from Discovery, Inc. where he worked on strategy and operations for their global streaming service GOLFTV and Golf Digest. Curtis played golf at Georgetown University and is currently an MBA Candidate at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

General Manager

Despite being Ryan’s younger sister, Tara is the unquestioned adult in the room. When Ryan and Curtis are conveniently unavailable on a nice Spring day, Tara will be the one to keep things running smoothly. Tara has multiple degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and was Captain of her high school golf team – a fact that her father points out to Ryan with annoying frequency.

Office Manager, Photography & Logistics

Larry’s passion is photography, which led us to him a few years ago. He is responsible for receiving all incoming consignments at our warehouse, taking exceptional photos of the memorabilia, and ensuring a smooth delivery to our winning bidders.

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