Goodwin and Company Masterpieces & Uncommon Commons XLVI in Progress

Goodwin & Company’s Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XLVI is currently open for bidding This catalog marks our ninth and final catalog for the year. In the past year, we have offered two T206 Honus Wagner cards, five Babe Ruth rookies, two 1933 Napoleon Lajoie cards and the hobby’s most valuable T206 Eddie Plank. Some will say we saved the best for last with this catalog. Goodwin and Co. is proud to present two high quality classic issues from the turn of the century, a 1914 Cracker Jack complete set and an American Tobacco T207 complete set. The sets are among the finest in the hobby and are showcased as individual lots.

Highlighting the Cracker Jack set is the highest graded 1914 Del Pratt card in the hobby! Recently graded, all of the cards are being offered for the first time. Most of the Cracker Jack cards are stain free and among the highest graded to date. If you are one of the many collectors who enjoy the many facets of the T206 set, then you are sure to find the T207 set equally challenging. Three of the hobbies most sought after rarities are found in the T207 issue. They are Irving Lewis, Louis Lowdermilk and Ward Miller. Needless to say, the American Tobacco Company’s final issue is full of seldom seen cards and difficult backs. These sets represent a tremendous opportunity for the collector as complete sets of this stature are almost never seen or offered as individual lots.  The auction closes December 5, 2012.