Goodwin & Co. Is Proud To Offer 1933 Uncle Jacks In Current Auction

Goodwin & Company is proud to offer a rare 1933 Uncle Jacks set as individual lots in our current November 19 auction.  The 1933 Uncle Jacks Candy cards are, indeed, one of the scarcest candy cards ever manufactured. This New England regional issue was distributed in Springfield, Mass. and Newport, R.I., with blank backed baseball player cards, the popular Uncle Jacks, Inc. candy and a redeemable coupon all included within a see-through wax paper wrapper. The total checklist includes 30 different subjects with each card potentially printed in blue, red, green or purple tints.Included in each pack was a pink colored redeemable coupon (also included in this catalog).

For 100 of these coupons, an individual was entitled to receive an official league ball as well as participating in a contest to win a fee trip to the 1933 World Series. Ten participants submitting the most coupons by September 15th would be declared the lucky winners.

The 30 different candy cards include an incredible 24 or 80% Hall of Famers! All of the subjects offered here, at first glance, provide the immaculate aesthetics of a ìpack-freshî mint card. Their flawless colored images, pinpoint corner tips, and razor sharp edges are so miraculously consistent, any rational individual would draw the conclusion all 30 cards were included in one unopened pack. While this is certainly not the case, the unequivocal brilliance of their obverse sides cannot be over emphasized. While the grades are extremely strong and in many instances the highest for their respective subject, the relatively clean blank backs reflect some moderate traces of the candy sized outline. While unobtrusive, the sole existence of any candy remnant certainly provides a technical stigma, lowering each cardís grade from a potential near mint/mint category to their current standing.

Following is some astounding population statistical data regarding the esteemed population status of these outstanding specimens:

* The overall 30 card G.P.A. totals an incomparable 5.73. To place that figure in perspective, SGCís 98 total encapsulated subjects generate a cumulative 4.53 G.P.A., while PSAís 25 subjects equal a meager 3.34 G.P.A!.

* The 30 subjects include 1 (86/7.5); 1 (84/7); an incredible 22 (80/6ís); 1 (70/5.5); 1 (60/5); 3 (50/4ís) and 1 (40/3)

* The Babe Ruth card is graded an SGC 80/6 and like the ìBabeî himself, stands at the pinnacle of success as the single highest graded copy on the planet! Furthermore, there are only 3 other SGC exa mples graded with its closest competitor an SGC 50/4. PSA has encapsulated not a sole Babe Ruth Uncle Jacks specimen.

* 4 Examples are the only SGC or PSA recorded copy in existence (Foxx, Grove, Grimes, and Brandt)

* 16 cards own the distinction of being the sole highest graded copy (Ruth, Foxx, Grove, Grimes, Brandt, Cuyley, Ferrell, Klein, Cronin, Lazzeri, Lyons, Pennock, Lindstrom, Frisch, Hornsby, and Chapman)

* 3 cards share the highest graded honor with at least one other specimen (Simmons, Terry, Waner)

Included is the redemption coupon in an SGC “A” holder, the only recorded SGC specimen.
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