Grey Flannel Auctions – Don’t Get Shut Out!

Our auction closes in just one day! Please remember that your initial bids must be placed prior to 9pm EST on this Wednesday evening if you wish to bid on that very lot after 9pm EST. Our auction will continue well into the night, but only for those bidders who have previously placed an initial bid on that very lot. We would also like to strongly encourage you not to wait until the end to place your bids. It is not unusual for our system to slow down due to extraordinarily high volume during this time. By placing your bids now, you avoid the risk of getting shut out.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We have extended our office hours until 7pm EST for today and tomorrow should you wish to bid by phone. You can also visit us online at to place your bids. It’s now the 7th inning stretch and you’re on deck…grab your bat and let’s go!