Grey Flannel On The Road for Quality Consignments – California, Texas, New York & Arizona

Results: Babe Ruth’s 1934 Tour of Japan Cap Sells for $303,277 in Grey Flannel Winter AuctionContact us today to reserve your consignment slot for our first catalog auction of 2015! If you have ever considered consigning to a Grey Flannel auction, NOW is the time as the prices realized that we have consistently shown our consignors have been nothing short of incredible. The Grey Flannel team is on the road again in search of high quality consignments:

  • Los Angeles, CA – January 24th through January 27th
  • Houston, TX – January 28th through January 30th
  • Manhattan, NY – February 1st through February 5th
  • Phoenix, AZ – February 1st through February 5th

Accepting Quality Consignments Only (Limited Space Available)
Generous cash advances are readily available towards your Premier consignments & collections

To make arrangements for your memorabilia to be seen or if you are in need of additional information regarding the consignment process, please contact Michael Russek at (631) 288-7800 x230 –