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Grey Flannel Weekly Web Auction #5 Concludes Tonight at 9 PM EST

Grey Flannel Auctions Weekly Web Auctions is a great alternative to our catalog auctions where you may find what you want at a great price point. There are 100 lots closing tonight, many of which are currently unopen.  Lots will close on an individual basis dependent upon the amount of bids that are received after the 9:00 PM EST countdown has reached zero. Lot(s) will close when there has not been a bid placed for 5 minutes. However, any unopened lot can be bid on after 9:00 pm EST. If you are the only bidder on a lot after 9:00 pm EST, you will instantly become the winning bidder. For ongoing lots after 9:00 pm EST the 5-minute advance rule will be applied, meaning the auction lot will not close until bidding stops for this lot for 5 minutes. The entire auction will close one lot at a time.

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