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GUU Auctions – Ceiling Bids In Auctions – Is It Safe To Use Them?

When GUU Auctions (ending November 12th) selected the software for its new auction site, it was imperative for us to find a system that didn’t allow for many of the games that may be played with auction bids.  In particular, when it came to ceiling bids, we wanted to make sure our bidders knew they didn’t have to worry about their bids being pushed up, consignors bidding on their own items, etc.  With GUU Auctions, bidders do not need to worry about these things.  As stated in our “About Us” page on, one of our key operating tenets has always been “integrity before profits” and this tenet drives everything we do.   Among other things, in GUU Auctions there is:

* No shill bidding
* No hidden or “secret” reserves – if there is a reserve on an item the bidder will know there is a reserve until the reserve is met.
* No bidding by consignors, or those bidding on their behalf, on their own items.
* No auction house access or knowledge of “max” or “ceiling” bid amounts – this information is available only to the bidder.
* No “house accounts” which would unfairly compete with bidders.

To ensure bidders can be confident in this fact, the GUU Auctions software will physically not allow consignors to bid on their own items.  In addition, when a bidder places a Ceiling (or ‘Max’) Bid, the only person who can physically see the bid is the bidder.  The GUU Auctions staff not only will have no idea that a bid is a ceiling bid, we cannot physically see the ceiling bid amount.
We understand collectors’ general concerns about shill bidding and other questionable practices.  As always, we want collectors to know they can feel comfortable trusting GUU Auctions.
Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about our auction protocols, and to visit our current auction, which ends November 12th, at

GUU Auctions is a division of Game Used Universe, Inc.
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