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Hake’s Auction #223 In Progress – Ends March 13-15, 2018

Hake’s Americana to Auction Golden Age Rarity in MarchWhat do Batman, Boba Fett, and George Washington have in common? They’re all ready to lead the charge in Hake’s Americana & Collectibles’ first auction of 2018. Auction #223 is open, with three weeks of bidding until the close on Tuesday through Thursday, March 13-15, 2018.

Hake’s covers a large swath of collecting by offering a wide selection of collectibles in each auction. This sale comprises 2,332 lots of historical and pop culture memorabilia with election buttons and banners, toys, autographs, comics, posters, action figures, artwork, and plenty more.

hakes2-20-18There is an impressive selection of Golden to Modern Age key comics and original art in this auction, led by Detective Comics #27 CGC 5.0 with the first appearance of Batman, along with Action Comics #7 CGC 4.0, Captain America Comics #3 CGC 7.0, More Fun Comics #52 CGC 3.0 (first Spectre), Daredevil #111 cover art by Ron Wilson, Terry and the Pirates comic strip by Milton Caniff, and The Punisher Vol. 2 #62 cover art by Joe Quesada.

Auction #223 presents the second round from the Star Wars Collection of Russell Branton, centered by the highly coveted Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype figure and Princess Leia Organa 12-back-A action figure AFA 95.

The variety of memorabilia includes concert posters, sci-fi/horror movie posters, Kenner Super Powers figures, toys from Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe, and a Walt Disney-signed Bambi book. There’s a selection of vintage James Bond memorabilia, featuring movie posters, lobby cards, and toys – including the popular attaché case.

Encompassing over 200 years of history, the political and historical section houses many significant collectibles, including a 1789 George Washington inaugural button with “GW” monogram with Liberty Cap, 1860 Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin banner, and 1904 Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks Reading, PA Pretzel button.

Interested collectors can bid on the auction online and via phone from February 20 through March 15. Collectors can learn more about the auction on


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