Hake’s Auctions #225 In Progress – Ends November 13-15, 2018

For those first timers with Hake’s Auctions, welcome aboard. To the repeat patrons (which, believe it or not, includes some dating back to our inception in 1967) perhaps you noticed a change to the logo on the cover. We have decided to do a bit of re-branding in our 51st year of existence. We are now simply Hake’s Auctions. While “Americana & Collectibles” is gone from our company name, it remains ever present in what we do. That is to say, we offer Americana and collectibles, but how we do that is through auctions.

The current auction #225 is now live and closes November 13-15, 2018. Place your bids now this amazing auction event. Hundreds of items up for bid including concert posters, political ads, star wars memorabilia, original comic art, movie posters, CGC comics and more. Bid, view and register for the auction at www.hakes.com.

That was not always the case. When Hake’s first started, all the items we offered were at set prices. These “sales lists” were mailed to our rapidly expanding clientele. What transpired was collectors on the East Coast got the lists first and most of the items were sold by the time the rest of the US (prior to our global expansion) received theirs. So, within a year Hake’s started conducting auctions to allow everyone a shot at acquiring items for their collections. The decades that followed saw the number of auctions we conducted increase while still offering priced material as well.

However, in the past decade or so, auctions have become our sole focus. Not only do we present three premier cataloged auction events each year, we now routinely conduct online exclusive auctions of select material. This year we had a total of seven auctions and even more are planned for 2019, starting with a certified comic book auction in January.


As for Americana and collectibles, we once again bring you an amazingly vast selection to choose from. The political section is filled with amazing rarities, some we have rarely (or never) offered over our 51 years. There are hundreds of comic books that include key first issues. Star Wars is headlined by more incredible items from the Russell Branton Collection. The original art section has everything from comic book covers to specialty pieces by some of the most sought-after names including The Hildebrandt Bros., Kirby, Ross and Timm. The posters you will find throughout the auction cover movies, concerts, war and much more, and represents the greatest assemblage of such ephemera we have ever offered.

That just scratches the surface of all the types of collectibles you will find in the 2,518 lots this time around. There is a reason we call ourselves America’s first and most diversified auction house, now with the emphasis firmly on “Auction.”

Bid, view and register for the auction at www.hakes.com.

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