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We are proud to welcome you to Auction Report, the premier web site for news coverage and more on the best auction companies in the collectible business.

Founded in 2005, Auction Report is the fastest growing news, PR, branding, and consulting company in our industry. As our industry continues to move forward into the 21st century, Auction Report is the preferred choice of collectors, dealers, and auction companies for news and information on the auction companies.

Having your company featured on Auction Report allows interested consumers 24-hour access to valuable information that can help them achieve all of their auction and collecting needs. Such information includes your current auctions, consignment information, important dates, company news, auction results & highlights, interviews, profiles, videos, conventions, banner ads, company profiles, social media exposure and more.

Our purpose is for the consumer to gain knowledge on your company and for the companies themselves to have a better outlet and cost effective method to convey your information to consumers around the world!

We believe that you will find that Auction Report’s all-inclusive service is both cost effective and beneficial to you and your company. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, join now!

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