Heritage Auctions December 8, 2019 Civil War, Militaria, Arms & Armor Auction

Bid in the December 8, 2019 Heritage Auctions Civil War, Militaria, Arms & Armor Auction.  There are 500+ lots on the auction block. Bid, view and register at historical.ha.com. A spectacular selection of 71 Japanese swords, firearms and a suit of armor, considered the finest such collection offered at auction in nearly three decades, is among the headline items offered in Heritage Auctions’ Civil War, Militaria, Arms & Armor Auction Dec. 8 in Dallas, Texas.

“This collection has been called the finest to come to auction since Dr. Walter Compton’s collection sold in 1992,” Heritage Auctions Arms & Armor Consignment Director David Carde said. “There is extraordinary historical significance to some of these pieces, some of which are going to auction for the first time.”

Among the top lots in the collection is a Spectacular Museum-Worthy Juyo Heavy Silver High Relief Dragon Mounted Wakizashi with Signed Fuchi and Tsuba (estimate: $25,000+), which features a 58.7-cm cutting edge and wild medari hamon with tobiyaki spots. The blade has superbly cut bohi (grooves) through the nakago. The kosharae are of the finest quality throughout the cast and chased high relief fuchikashira with gold highlights. The koiguchi is of heavy silver, and the menuki of hosokaugua mon appears to be solid gold.

Also featured is a Very Rare and Important Triple Maker Juyo Shinto Katana by Masateru, Kaneshige and Kanetsune with Original Gold Cutting Test (estimate: $20,000+). With a 72.5-cm cutting edge and very wide complex notare hamon and Itame hada. A very important and ultra-collectible cutting test triple maker katana, the Ubu nagako features full Kaneshige signature omote and full Masateru signature on ura.

Among the top lots outside the sword collection is a Huge Civil War Archive of Colonel Isaac Dyer 15th Maine (estimate: $26,000+). Col. Dyer, who later became a Brevent Brigadier General, served with the 15th Maine from December 1861 through September 1865. Housed in two wooden trunks Dyer brought to Maine is a virtual time capsule of materials from Dyer’s travels through the War Between the States. Among the contents are:

  • Colonel Dyer’s Model 1860 full fluted cylinder Army Colt revolver, .44 caliber, with holster, and implements. The Colt has all matching serial numbers, #2863.
  • Colonel Dyer’s shoulder straps (three sets), his General’s epaulettes with the original tin box, three hat insignias which includes an embroidered officers side plate, an eagle side plate and an officer’s embroidered front plate designated for the 15th Maine.
  • A rare, highly desirable guide flag / line marker of the 15th Maine Infantry. The blue silk flag measures 11 1/2″ on the hoist, and 17″ on the fly. The number “15” has been stitched in the center.
  • Pair of horse saddle holsters including a pair of extremely rare Colt Walker holsters. The holsters measure approximately 18″ tall. The Colt Walker holsters have a metal tip with a star on the bottom. As to rarity, there were only 1,100 Colt Walkers manufactured, and likely no more than 500 sets of holsters. These rarely, if ever, appear on the market.
  • Confederate flask captured by Colonel Dyer. Glass, leather and metal 6″ tall flask captured by Dyer. On the leather it has the name “R H Slauter” (Slaughter). Richard H. Slaughter served with the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry.

Cased & Highly Engraved Matched Pair of Beretta S06 EELL Over & Under Shotguns, Engraving by Giancarlo Pedretti (estimate: $25,000+) include serial numbers A01169B and A01170B on the barrels and receiver of each weapon, each of which features a blued finish, as well as an elaborately scroll engraved coin-finished receiver, a blued lever and triggerguard and a gold-plated trigger.

Union Corporal’s Forage Cap & Frock Coat Set Id’D to Corp. George Schmultz of Co. G, 188th Pennsylvania (estimate: $24,800+) was pictured on pages 20 and 21 in The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics by Stephen W. Sylvia and Michael J. O’Donnell published in 1978. At the time, the items were in the Collection of John Henry Kurtz. Included are an excellent Forage Cap with brass lettering denoting Corporal Schmultz’s unit with a “G” over “188” over “PV,” which stands for “Co. G, 188th Pennsylvania Volunteers.” Also included are one of the nicest known examples of an 18th Corps Badge and an outstanding cap with all original insignia.

Other top lots include, but are not limited to:

Commercially Produced Forage Cap with V Corps Badge and Unit Insignia (estimate: $20,000+)

Civil War Enlisted Signal Corps Forage Cap (estimate: $20,000+)

Fine and Rare Civil War Confederate Spiller & Burr Revolver (estimate: $20,000+)

Fine and Rare Second Model Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver (estimate: $20,000+)

Cased Holland & Holland Royal Hammerless Deluxe Double Barrel Shotgun (estimate: $20,000+)


1 – Signature® Floor Session (Live Floor, Live Phone, Mail, Fax, Internet, and Heritage Live):
(Lots 40001-40298) – 11:00 AM Central Time, Sunday, December 8, 2019.
(Proxy bidding ends ten minutes prior to the session start time. Live Proxy bidding on Heritage Live starts 24 hours before the live session begins and continues through the session.)

2 – Signature® Internet Session – No Floor or Phone Bidding (Mail, Fax, Internet, and Heritage Live):
(Lots 40299-40516) – 4:00 PM Central Time, Sunday, December 8, 2019.
(Proxy bidding ends ten minutes prior to the session start time. Live Proxy bidding on Heritage Live starts 24 hours before the live session begins and continues through the session.)

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