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Space-Flown, Astronaut-Signed Memorabilia Among Coveted Lots at Heritage’s Space Exploration AuctionHeritage Historical Auctions is offering up some amazing memorabilia including items in the upcoming auctions of David & Janice Frent Collection of Political and Presidential Americana, The May 11th Space Exploration Auction #6195 and The Heritage Auctions’ Texana Signature Auction.  Highlights Include:


Frent Part II: Rewriting the Playbook:

Part II of the David & Janice Frent Collection of Political and Presidential Americana. Because of the scope of the collection, we have decided to depart from our usual format and scheduling. There are over 1160 lots in the sale, so we are dividing it into two sessions. The first session will take place on February 24th here in Dallas and will be a typical Heritage auction. The second session will take place two weeks later on March 10th. This will be an Internet only sale where all lots start at two price points… either $100 or $125. Contrary to previous “internet only” auctions, nothing starts at $1. You can submit bids prior to the sale, as always, but can also follow it in real time at Heritage Live!  Read Full Article here.

Spring Space Exploration Auction Shaping Up Nicely
This is still early days for our May 11th Space Exploration Auction #6195, but we already have approximately 300 lots in-house from more than twenty-five consignors. We are working hard to answer all the inquiries and process the material quickly as it arrives. Well over 225 descriptions have been written and will be showing up online as soon as possible. We already have some very important items that I think will create some major excitement for bidders. A couple of hints. What is even rarer than an Apollo flown Robbins Medallion in silver ? Have you ever seen an Apollo 11 flown flag larger than 6″ x 4″ on a crew-signed certificate? Does anyone own a complete set of I.S.S. Robbins Medallions for the first forty-five missions? More to come.

We are actively seeking additional consignments. Let us know what you have in quality material, particularly flown items, astronaut-owned items, and rare autographs. We will need to see a detailed list and clear high-res photos to be able to give you an auction estimate. E-mail MichaelR@HA.com for more information.

Broadsides and Brooches: Wealth of Texana Materials to be Offered
Collecting Texana materials always yields historic and fascinating dividends. The birth and development of the Lone Star State is of great interest, even to those like myself, who are not actually natives of Texas. As we bring in the New Year, with Heritage Auctions’ Texana Signature Auction being just a little over two months away, we are thrilled to share with you some of the exciting pieces we have on offer. And one of the highlights of our upcoming auction happens to be a Henry Smith Governor’s Message Broadside and Letter Addressed to Smith.

Henry Smith was the first American-born Governor of the Mexican territory of Texas and briefly presided over the Revolution. Later, he served as Secretary of the Treasury during the first Houston administration. This rare broadside, of which it is believed that only 500 copies were printed, records the first message that Smith made as governor, following Texas’ independence from Mexico. Smith had been named governor due to his position as a leader of the Independence, or War, Party.

This particular broadside could be significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, per Streeter, there are only two other copies of this broadside in existence: one is at the Texas State Library in Austin, and the other, formerly from Streeter’s personal collection, is now at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University. As one of only three left in the world, this broadside is an incredible piece of history. It was discovered by a picker, in the company of a letter addressed to Smith from his brother-in-law, Michael Rice. While there is nothing other than circumstantial evidence, the fact that these two documents were found together posits the interesting theory that this broadside may have been Smith’s personal copy. It can be difficult to track such items with certainty, but if these two remained paired together as they were passed from hand to hand, a positive case could be made for such a theory. Obviously, there is no way we can definitively say whether the broadside belonged to Smith, but it bears mentioning as a possibility. Regardless, it remains a rarity that would make a phenomenal addition to any Texana collection.


Other lots in this auction tell great stories, either visually or through text, and several lots should receive their fair share of attention. A group of jewelry believed to have belonged to Empress Carlota of Mexico, including a delicate Elgin watch, a gold and enamel brooch and ring, and a large gold and enamel necklace with tassels. Princess Charlotte of Belgium, first cousin of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, married Archduke Maximilian of Austria and the couple pursued the ill-fated attempt to become Emperor and Empress of Mexico.

Another piece of Texas history is available in the form of a document from the Department of Indian Affairs that has been signed twice by Texas President, Sam Houston. Houston strongly supported relations with Native Americans, and often sought to promote their interests as well as peace agreements between local tribes and the government. This document, having been signed twice by Houston, would be another wonderful addition to any collection or Texas enthusiast.

We look forward to showcasing these and more of our Texana lots to the public; the auction will be held March 17 in our Dallas gallery located at 3500 Maple Avenue. I hope you will come out and join us to view items that are of interest as well as the whole collection. As always, feel free to email or call with questions. BessR@HA.com.

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