Heritage Historical News: May Space Exploration Auction Out of This World Results

A Spellbinding $394,000 for J.K. Rowling’s Chair Sold at Heritage Auctions HistoricalWith Post-Auction Buys just ended, we can now give the final report on our recent Space Exploration Auction #6158. Total sales were $802,450 with 357 of 361 lots sold for a sell-through rate of 99% both by dollar and lot. The “star” of the show was the historic lot shown on the front cover of the catalog, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Flown LM G and N Dictionary Lunar Module Landing Sequence Pages that were used by Neil Armstrong to land Eagle on the moon. Several bidders competed for this prize and one of them won it for $175,000.
Three other Apollo 11-flown items were among the top five lots sold: a 14K Gold Mezuzah Pendant with a Crew-Signed Letter of Provenance and a Lunar Module Flown 14K Gold Ankh Cross with a Handwritten Note of Provenance from Buzz Aldrin each sold for $47,500. An Apollo 11 Flown Robbins Medal Originally from Jack Swigert’s Collection wasn’t too far behind at $30,000.


We were privileged to offer a number of incredible Apollo-flown lots from James Lovell’s personal collection. The top result, at $32,500, was obtained for an Apollo 8 Flown Gideon’s New Testament carried by him on man’s first trip to the moon. An Apollo 8 Flown “Target of Opportunity Flight Chart (ATO)” with Crew-Named Crater Notations sold for $27,500 as did an Apollo 13 Flown Speed-Up Burn Checklist Cue Card. To view all the results from Captain Lovell’s collection, please click here.

Competition was fierce in our Internet Session where all bidding starts at $1.00. Thirty lots sold for $500 or more! Top honors go to a Harrison Schmitt Signed Large Apollo 17 Color Photo in a Framed Display with Mission Insignia Patch; it sold for $2375 and is going to look great on the buyer’s wall.

Our next Space Exploration auction is scheduled for November 11, 2016. It’s not at all too early to contact us about your potential consignments. A detailed listing is the best place to start and clear, high-resolution images are appreciated (and a necessity for autograph material). The consignment process is simple. Contact me by e-mail atMichaelR@HA.com or by phone at 877-HERITAGE (437-4824), extension 1467.