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Heritage Sports News: Spotlight On Catch It While You Can

Heritage Sports – The day of reckoning is near for baseball purists. A different type of ball will be used in the Bronx this off-season, and this one is more destructive than Josh Hamilton in a home run hitting contest. Demolition balls will greet the old stadium, to make way for Heritage Park (no relation), and three ball fields of play: baseball, softball, and Little League. Even the term “stadium” was new for the game of Baseball. Teams usually played in Parks or Fields. The word stadium deliberately evoked ancient Greece, where a stadium was a unit of measure. Even The Coliseum in Rome which was constructed in 70-80 A.D. will outlast “The House That Ruth Built.”

The traditionalist finds it hard to come to terms with baby changing stations replacing Babe Ruth, Luxury boxes trumping Lou Gehrig, and big screen television’s instead of Bill Dickey. We’ll accept Interleague play, the D.H., domes, astroturf, .500 teams winning the World Series, Spider Man advertising on bases, rotating ads plastering the park, and soon to make their way on the uniforms, but it’s tough to think of life without the three jewels, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park.

1920- 1952 was known as baseball’s “Golden Age;” the 2 Major Leagues fielded the same 16 teams with no additions, relocations, or major rule changes. This was a period of relative peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity. Fans yearn to return to this simpler time, and the collectibles market is a way to channel those emotions. The physicality of having the actual stadium in your home, not in photos, but in your hands will send chills through any collector.

Yankee, Cub, and Red Sox memorabilia always holds a special premium with collectors. Will the demolition of the great Yankee Stadium create even a deeper and more passionate pursuit of rare collectibles from purists? Will the appeal of the team signed balls, game used items, or even pieces of the park, stadium or field reach even more frenzied levels? It’s a safe bet that investing in these collectible treasures will be a wise move when the walls come crumbling down.

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