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High Grade Mickey Mantle And Willie Mays Cards Highlight Memory Lane Auction

Decades after they put away their cleats for the last time, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays remain two of the most sought-after and valuable names in the world of baseball cards. Memory Lane Inc. is taking collectors to a virtual Mantle-Mays supermarket in its current Summer 2009 auction, offering a phenomenal run of high-grade cards sure to ignite bidding wars among collectors. Many auctions offer cards of each in their catalogs, but only Memory Lane offers dozens at one time. The Mays collection, which includes a PSA 8-graded rookie card, represents the largest high-grade selection ever offered together at auction. It includes both major issues and others, all in virtually unimprovable condition. The Mantle group boasts the ‘holy grail’ of Mantle cards, a 1952 Topps rookie card, graded a very respectable PSA 5.

“Willie and Mickey” were the source of countless debates among fans young and old during their prime. Who was better? Giant fans gravitated toward the speedy centerfielder while Yankee fans pointed to the championship rings and trophies in their support for The Mick.

Young baseball card collectors bought packs of bubble gum hoping to land their favorite. Some traded for multiples just to have them. Most of those wound up with creases, scuffing and corners that were nowhere near ‘pack-fresh’ thanks to rubber bands and games of flipping. Some, however, beat the odds and emerged as crown jewels for vintage card collectors who are seldom shy about chasing the best of the best. That’s what you’ll find in this auction.

Included in the run are the following Mantle cards: 1952 Topps (PSA 5), 1952 Bowman (PSA 8), 1956 (gray back), 1957, 1959, 1962 and 1963 Topps… all PSA 9.

The Mays collection begins with a PSA 8-graded 1951 Bowman rookie. It continues with 1952 Topps (PSA 8), 1952 Red Man (PSA 9), 1953 Topps (PSA 8.5), 1952 Berk Ross (PSA 9), 1954 Red Man (PSA 7), 1955 Topps (PSA 9), 1958 Hires Root Beer (PSA 9), 1958 Call Bulletin (PSA 9), 1962 and 1963 Topps (PSA 9), 1968 Topps Super Stars (PSA 10) and 1971 Topps Greatest Moments (PSA 9).

Bidding is open at and via phone or fax and concludes August 8.

Call 877.606.LANE (5263) to register and obtain a full-color catalog or complete the process online. It’s an opportunity to take part in what is always one of the hobby’s most talked-about and significant events.

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