Huggins and Scott Auctions Consignment Tour to Chicago

Huggins and Scott’s June 11th 2015 Auction – Memorabilia, Cards and MoreRicky Huggins of Huggins & Scott Auctions will be traveling to Chicago, IL on June 25th to pick up a couple of collections. He will be driving back to our offices in Silver Spring, MD and would be more than happy to stop along the way to meet with you to discuss anything you might want to consign. He will be accepting consignments for our “EVENT OF THE YEAR” – our August 6, 2015 auction where the premiere pieces will be on display at our booth at the National Convention in Chicago, IL this summer. We will be rolling out a new and improved upgraded website.

If you have any consignments you would like to discuss, please contact our offices no later than Monday June 22nd, so we can arrange for a meeting time. Feel free to call 301-608-0355 and speak to Bill or Ricky Huggins, or you can email us:

Huggins and Scott Auctions
2301 Broadbirch Dr, STE 150
Silver Spring, MD 20904