Huggins And Scott Auctions – No Catalog Request – Going Green

In an effort to do our part in saving the environment and save money on printing and mailing costs, Huggins & Scott is hoping to entice our customers to opt out of getting a printed catalog. We will not remove you from the mailing list if you do not want to be removed, however, in exchange for declining a printed catalog, we will give you a $10.00 credit off of each auction invoice. For each auction that you win at least one lot, we will automatically credit you $10.00 off of your bottom line amount owed to us. We will run five auctions in 2010 – each auction that you win at least one lot, we will issue you a $10.00 credit off of that invoice. THAT’S A POTENTIAL $50.00 ANNUAL SAVINGS for simply letting us know that you do not want a copy of the printed catalog, by clicking here. For every auction, we offer a download-able .pdf version of the exact printed catalog from our website, which you are welcome to download for free (it’s even ready before the printed catalogs are mailed).