Huggins and Scott Auctions Now Accepting Consignments

Autographed Black & White Hall Of Fame Postcard Collection Highlights Huggins and Scott February 9, 2017 AuctionHuggins and Scott Auctions would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss any consignments that you might have; or you can call us anytime.  We are accepting consignments for our next 2018 Auction.  Next consignment deadline is October 22, 2018.

A Sports Memorabilia Auction Company selling Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Graded Cards, Signed Autographed Vintage Sports, Boxing, Ice Hockey Memorabilia, Non-Sports & Americana Collectibles.

As the fastest growing Auction company in the sports cards, non-sports and memorabilia industry, now is the time to let Huggins and Scott Auctions sell your entire collection. We have the ability to sell not just the cream of your collection, but anything in your collection that is sellable, broken down to maximize your return. What we sell is “vintage” cards and memorabilia, which are pre-1970 items.

ALSO: We are the best major catalog auction company for newer modern insert, relic and autographed cards. Virtually every consignor has been pleased with the results for their “Shiny Cards” through our auction.

We are now accepting consignments for our November 2 – November 15, 2018 Auction. Consignment Deadline is October 22, 2018. CONSIGN TODAY! It gives us more time to properly describe, advertise and promote your items.

Please contact us via email or phone to set up a time to meet privately or call us to discuss your collection.

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