Imperial Sports Auctions Accepting Consignments

Do You Have an Item That You Would Like to Sell for Cash? Would You Like to Consign to Our Next Auction? Don’t just sell it on eBay! Please use Imperial Sports Auctions easy contact form and we’ll be in touch with you soon! Have a picture of your item(s) already? Email us today, we want to see them! Imperial Sports Auctions is one of the largest buyers and sellers of vintage baseball signatures. We specialize in many deceased baseball Hall of Fame autographs of various players on several different mediums; i.e. single and multi-signed baseballs, photos, index cards, etc. Additionally, we are aggresively seeking vintage, pre-WW2, baseball cards for purchase or consignment. Consignments wanted now for our next 2010 auction.You can also stop by our booth at the National Sports Collectors Convetion Augu 4-8, 2010 in Baltimore, MD.  We will be at booth #1506 selling, buying, and accepting consignments.

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