Important Babe Ruth & Opening Day Goldin Auctions Consignment Announcement

Goldin Auctions Open for Bidding – Great Vintage Card SelectionGoldin Auctions has two unique opportunities for collectors. We are having our opening day auction which runs from 3/31/14 to 4/25/14 , and of course, the 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth: Auction to be held at the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum and Sports Legends in Baltimore the weekend of July 11th.

Before we go into what we are looking for, we wanted to touch on ‘prices realized’. Goldin Auctions believe any statement should be backed up by facts. So here is a fact. If you have a high value, high profile item, you will receive the highest realized price possible for your item by consigning it to Goldin Auctions. There is no company with a higher visibility in the sports auction market than Goldin Auctions. Every week we are in the news (and not ‘hobby press’, but mainstream press’) Goldin Auctions has appeared in over 5000 articles written around the world in the past 12 months. In the past 12 months, Ken has appeared on CNBC 4 times, Bloomberg TV 5 times, ESPN 6 times, just to name a few of the ‘National’ market stations.

This attracts high net worth individuals who do not participate in standard hobby auctions as well as millions of sports fans. You want to correlate this into eyeballs on our web site? The week of Jan 6th we received nearly 100 MILLION HITS at Here is the kicker, for all but two days of that time we were not even running a live auction! This is a staggering number that is not even remotely approached by any sports auction . What does that translate into? RESULTS! All of the results below are not ancient history going back 5-10 years past, all are from auctions ending within the past 10 months.


  • T206 Honus Wagner PSA 5 (mc) “The Jumbo Wagner” $2.1 million: Highest price EVER paid for ANY TRADING CARD at public auction.
  • 1933 Goudey #106 Lajoie SGC 7.5 $42,304 : Highest price for that grade
  • 1939 Playball complete set #1 on Registry $198,510 : Highest price ever paid for a Playball complete set (any year)


  • Kobe Bryant 2000 Lakers Championship Ring gifted to Joe Bryant $173,102: Highest price paid for any modern basketball ring
  • Kobe Bryant 2000 NBA All star Ring $50,137 : Highest price paid for any modern All Star Ring
  • Alex Rodriguez 2009 World Series Ring (Gifted to cousin) $50,398
  • Super Bowl XLII NY Giants Player Ring $52,854


  • 2001 Derek Jeter World Series Game Used bat $37,486: Highest price at public auction for a Jeter bat
  • 1949 Jackie Robinson game used bat PSA 9 $156,395
  • 1959-60 Sandy Koufax Game Used Glove $105,697
  • 1964 Sandy Koufax Game Used Pants $31,720
  • Derek Jeter Game Used Glove: $47,589: Record for ANY Jeter game used item at public auction
  • Kobe Bryant High School Uniform $50,137: Record for any modern high school uniform, any sport
  • 1997-98 Michael Jordan game used jersey $51,518


  • Honus Wagner Single Signed Baseball PSA 6.5 $35,292: Record for a Wagner ball
  • Jimmie Foxx single signed Baseball PSA 8.5 $58,139: Record for a Foxx ball
  • 1855 Constitution and By Laws Excelsior $51,626: Record for a team rule book

These results are a combination of great product, our hard work, quality catalogs, the most user friendly and easy to use website in the business, tremendous marketing, tremendous publicity, and the confidence our customers show us in the products we auction, our ability to ensure they are getting authentic material, and the fact we stand behind everything we auction. In addition, we believe we have the widest reach in the SPORTS AUCTION business, with over 100,000 people on our mailing and email list. This list includes ‘all the regulars’ from the hobby that many auction houses send catalogs too, as well as 90,000 additional customers who have bought from our employees previously over television, as well as obtained from our extensive “out of the hobby” advertising and TV and media promotions.


#1 Opening Day Auction: Opening March 31st, Closing April 25th, 2014

We are CLOSING our consignment window January 28th (for any game used items needing authentication or grading), February 3rd (for any autographed items needing authentication), and February 10th (for any items that are pre graded or authenticated). Please contact us with a list of your potential consignments prior to sending them to us.

We are specifically seeking:

All Collectible Items with a value in excess of $100,000 which will show well on TV, plus

  • Pre-1980 Game Used Jerseys and Equipment (ALL)
  • Pre-1960 Sports Cards
  • Championship Rings, Trophies and Awards
  • Single Signed Baseballs of Deceased Hall of Famers
  • All Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Cy Young, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner Autographs
  • Complete Sets of All Sports Cards (1880s to 1975)
  • Modern Game Used items of Jeter, Rivera, Harper, Trout, Cabrera, Michael Jordan, Kershaw, etc
  • All 19th Century baseball collectibles
  • Great Autographed and Memorabilia Items
  • Any other items of Sports, Historical and Entertainment
  • Collectibles that have done extremely well in our auctions


The Babe Ruth 100th Anniversary will take place live at the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Sports Legends Museum in Baltimore MD July 11th weekend. (July 11th preview. July 12th Live/Catalog/phone/internet Televised auction. July 13th: Catalog/internet auction)

The 100th anniversary Babe Ruth Auction will be the EVENT of the 21st century: Largest catalog circulation ever for a sports auction. 1 MILLION supplemental brochures to be distributed nationally, Televised documentary leading up to and at event, TV commercials for event. National News organizations committed to covering the event. Highest Marketing budget EVER for a sports auction. Current and former Yankees will be in attendance at the live auction and the preview (They play at Camden Yards that weekend).

Simply put , as stated, this will be the EVENT of the 21st century. We believe for the next 20 years there will NEVER be a better time to sell your Babe Ruth and key NY Yankee memorabilia. The Auction will focus of course on Babe Ruth and the 100th anniversary of his Major league Debut (7/11/1914) but also all of the great Yankee legends of the past. Keep in mind we have partnered with Steiner Sports (the memorabilia arm of the NY Yankees) to help us promote this event. It WILL BE the greatest selling event of NY Yankee historic memorabilia of all time.

Babe Ruth Items we are looking for:

  • All Game worn and game used items
  • All autographed items
  • Signed documents, contracts, letters
  • All Ruth Baseball Cards
  • Ruth Advertising pieces
  • Original Photographs

YANKEE Items we are looking for: Key items from Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Berra, Ford, Gomez, Munson, Stengel, Dickey, etc.
Trophies, rings, awards and presentation pieces

We are going to have a live auction that will consist of approximately 200-300 lots. We are going to limit the Live portion to only the absolute highest quality items to ensure a fast paced and exciting event. In addition to live bidding, we will have internet bidding enabled during the live auction, as well as phone bidding. If someone cannot be in attendance live, they will be able to bid by internet or phone. In addition, we will have an estimated 1500 additional items that will be catalog and internet/phone bidding, but not part of the live auction. we are accepting consignments for BOTH portions of the event.

WE ARE ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS FOR THE RUTH AUCTION NOW. We will NOT be producing a monstrous 3000-4000 item catalog where items may get lost. So the earlier we can get your items, the better off as you will be guaranteed to be in the Ruth Auction. In addition, those marquee items we get ASAP will benefit from appearing in all of our ads, brochures, and TV commercials for the event several months in advance. The most promotion leads to the best visibility and highest prices.

Please email or call our office 856-767-8550 9am-6pm Eastern with respect to consignments. Also, feel free to contact me directly or whichever consignment director with whom you have previously dealt with if you have consigned with us before.

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