Industry Profile of David Amerman of Steiner Auctions

A lifelong collector of Sports & Historical Memorabilia with over 25 years of industry experience. Dave founded Modern Marvels Auctions in 2007, an auction house that recorded the third highest sale of a football card still to date. He closed his doors in 2009 to focus on a career in television and media before coming on board as Steiner’s Auction manager in 2015.

He currently hosts a regular memorabilia evaluation web series “What’s It Worth” on Steiner Sports social media channels every Thursday at 1:30PM ET. Creating a marketplace to achieve un-hobby like results has been Dave’s goal with Steiner Auctions, as well as changing the common misconception that Steiner only sells modern manufactured autographed items. “Our focus for is being able to offer the collector High end, one of a kind rare items only. Whether its Cards, Game Used Items, Political Documents, or Collections from Famous Athletes and Entertainers, we want to make sure the collector take us serious as the Auction house to shop and sell in now and the future!”