Ironclad Legends Auction II From Oct. 24th – Nov. 13th Update & More

BALTIMORE – Ironclad Legends Auction II- the second of a new series of high-end online auctions by Ironclad Auctions commencing October 24th and running through November 13th – will feature Baltimore Orioles All-Star Brian Roberts`s game-used and signed jersey, cleats, batting gloves and helmet from his, and Yankee Stadium`s, historic last player at bat. Also available in the auction are his game-used and signed bat and fielder`s cap. Brian and Ironclad will be donating proceeds from the sales of these items to the development of important programs at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children.

Additionally, Legends Auction II will include: Football Hall of Famer, and Baltimore Colts great; Lenny Moore`s game used (1958-1961) white durene jersey; a 1943 original George H. Ruth signed NBC contract; Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris `Safe at Home` original 1 sheet movie poster; and a rare Don Mattingly 1995 signed game used bat from his final season. Other items signed by some of baseball`s greats include Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr. and other game used signed jerseys.

The original Ironclad Legends Auction, which debuted July 12th, celebrated some of the greatest legends in professional sports. The auction showcased for the first time the Vincent Greco Collection – the largest and most historic find of Baltimore Orioles game used gloves, team signed baseballs and lineup cards ever to date. The collection featured Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Boog Powell, Paul Blair, Mike Flannigan, Doug DeCinces, Bobby Grich, Al Bumbry and Davey Johnson game used fielder`s gloves.

For the Legends Auction II, Ironclad will again feature rare items from the Vincent Greco Collection. This second offering showcases game used gloves from Baseball Hall of Famer and Oriole great Eddie Murray (circa 1977-79), fellow Oriole greats Rick Dempsey (circa 1976), and Tippy Martinez (circa 1978-79).Â

`It was a great honor and experience to play in the final game at historic Yankee Stadium, not to mention get the last at bat.`, said Orioles All-Star second baseman Brian Roberts. `It is even more rewarding to be in a position to donate and auction through Ironclad, my game used signed items from that final game, with all the proceeds benefiting the University of Maryland Hospital for Children in Baltimore.`

`Brian Roberts is one of the premier second baseman in all of baseball`, said Ray Schulte, Ironclad Co-Founder. `Brian made history playing in the last game, and getting the last at bat, in historic Yankee Stadium. We are excited and honored to part of his commitment and on-going support for the University of Maryland Hospital for Children`.

Collectors and prospective bidders can now visit to preview the items that will be auctioned in Legends Auction II.Â

About Ironclad Auctions

Launched in April, 2008, Ironclad Auctions is one of the fastest growing and successful online auctions platforms in the memorabilia industry, and provides collectors an opportunity to bid on rarities and collectibles from sports and entertainment. It also allows not-for-profit, and other organizations, a no-risk channel for fundraising and revenue generation.

Ironclad Authentics, parent organization to the Auctions platform, began operations in 2004 and supplies signed, fully authenticated, memorabilia from current and former athletes to collectors, wholesalers, and distributors around the country. It is a official licensee of Major League Baseball and a partner in their authentication program.

An affiliate of Ripken Baseball, headed by Baltimore Orioles baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr., Ironclad is a full-service national sports marketing company specializing in programs and services guaranteeing the authenticity of hand-signed collectibles and licensed products.

The company also holds the exclusive signature rights to both Cal Ripken Jr., inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008, and former New York Yankee superstar Don “Hitman” Mattingly.

About University of Maryland Children`s Hospital (UMHC)

Recognized statewide, and regionally, as a center of excellence for children with critical illnesses and complex, chronic conditions, UMHC combines state-of-the-art medicine with family-centered care. A respected national leader in children’s health care research, UMHC explores the nature of various childhood illnesses.

The University of Maryland Hospital for Children is involved in research that explores aspects of adolescent health, behavior, disease prevention, performance and attitudes towards health care, sexuality and HIV. Their Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) is dedicated to controlling infectious diseases that afflict children and adults throughout the United States and in developing countries.

About The Vincent Greco Collection

Vincent Greco, born and raised in Baltimore during the early thirties, was a pioneer in the game of baseball. Already a professional photographer during his early forties, Vince was approached by Orioles management, Lee McPhail and Joe Hamper, to see if they could use film to evaluate the team`s performance during an actual game.

Vince, with his Bell and Howell Super 8 camera, was the first photographer to take a position in the stands to film the players as they performed. His commitment and passion paid dividends for the team, especially the coaches and individual players, who could now witness their mechanics on film for the first time.

Vince had a very close relationship with all the players spanning the 1960`s, 70`s and 80`s. Players would often visit his home for outdoor barbeques and other social functions. Vince would sometimes provide the players and coaches with great pricing on camera equipment, and they would reciprocate by giving him game used equipment such as fielders` gloves, bats and many team signed baseballs from various years. Today, every professional team has extensive video equipment; coaches and players live by the film. Vince recently passed away but his legacy will never be forgotten. He was a true baseball pioneer.


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