Irongate Continues – To Offer Tiger Woods “Tiger Slam” Golf Clubs

The story behind what may be the most significant piece of modern golf memorabilia took yet another turn on Monday, when prominent golf memorabilia company announced that it will be offering the infamous “Tiger Slam” golf clubs on its website to the highest bidder.  This announcement comes after months of speculation as to what would come next for the infamous set of irons that were purportedly used by Tiger Woods during his four straight Major Championship victories. The Tiger Slam clubs are owned by Steve Mata, the former Titleist Vice President and right-hand man to Tiger Woods. Mata first attempted to sell the golf clubs – believed to be the only set of Tiger Woods clubs ever offered for sale – on eBay for the starting bid of $250,000.

This set off a war of words between Mata and his old friend Tiger, during which Tiger questioned the authenticity of the Tiger Slam clubs.  Mata then enlisted the services of to help authenticate the clubs he says Tiger gave to him at a tournament in 2001.  Recently, Mata passed a polygraph test establishing that his golf clubs were, in fact, used by Tiger Woods during the so-called Tiger Slam. also verified the “specs” of these clubs with those reportedly used by Tiger Woods during the third leg of the Tiger Slam, the 2000 PGA Championship.  Low and behold, the clubs matched – right down to a 58 degree Titelist Vokey 258-08 wedge that was bent to 56 degrees with a Dynamic Golf S-400 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Grip.  Armed with that information, listed the Tiger Slam clubs as the premiere lot in its Summer Golf Auction, which ends September 11, 2010.

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