J.T. Sports Is Buying Pre-1980 Hillerich & Bradsby And Adirondack Game Used Bats

J.T. Sports is aggressively buying Pre-1980 Hillerich & Bradsby and Adirondack game used bats, especially bats of 500 Home Run Club members, 3000 Hit Club members and all New York Yankees. J.T. Sportswill buy single bats or collections and will come to you to finalize large purchases. J.T. Sports guarantee to offer you the most competitive buy prices for your authentic game used material.  In addition to game used bats, J.T. Sports is also looking for game used fielders gloves of Hall of Famers and past and present stars. If you are thinking of liquidating some or all of your collection and can’t decide whether to auction or sell, call, email us, or visit our web site at www.gameusedbats.com with a list of your items and we will respond immediately. New inventory also added:

Johnny Damon Rawlings 2009 WS – Item # 4841

Adam Dunn Louisville Slugger – Item # 4647

Brett Gardner – Louisville Slugger – Item # 4823

Evan Longoria – Louisville Slugger – Item # 4748

Evan Longoria – Louisville Slugger – Item # 4847

Magglio Ordonez – Rawlings – Item # 3711

Alfonso Soriano – Sam Bat – Item # 4796

Shane Victorino – Louisville Slugger – Item # 4863

If you have interest in any of the above and would like to see a photo please contact us email or phone at 609-487-8003.