JFK Love Letters Sell For $115,537 & Wagnor T206 Fetches $219,225 In Legendary Auctions

Last night Legendary Auctions concluded the bidding on the amazing group of JFK letters -“Love, Jack” – Senator John F. Kennedy’s Complete Correspondence with his Swedish Lover, Gunilla von Post – which sold for a record $115,537.  In this explosive collection of handwritten love letters — never before seen in their entirety since they were penned more than a half-century ago—a new facet of Jack Kennedy is revealed. It is a tender side, heartfelt and sincere, hopelessly romantic, naïve even, while his bright star was still on the rise and before universal fame came to dim and pollute, turning him callous and insatiable in his lust for conquests. The other highlight of the auction was the sale of a 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner – Restored, PSA Authentic/Altered which closed at $219,225.  Check out all the results from Legendary Auction Here.