JG Auctions “History & Culture” Auction Ends April 25, 2023

A 750-Lot Auction of Autographs & Artifacts Spanning the 18th Century Through Present Day.   Bid, view and register for the auction hereThe auction will end with a 30-Minute Extended Bidding on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 8:00 PM, EDT.   At this time the clock will reset for another 30 minutes each time a bid is placed on an individual lot. The 30-minute reset is unique for each lot, with every lot going into its own countdown during extended bidding.  The catalog, up and online now for bidding, is a tantalizing mix of offerings, in categories that include U.S. Presidents, Politics, Military, Space & Aviation, Classical Music and Film & TV.

Two exceptionally rare items relating to the iconic actor Jack Nicholson, and another pertaining to George Walker, the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music, will headline JG.Limited’s online-only History & Culture timed auction, online now at www.JG.Limited and closing Tuesday, April 25th. The sale is packed with 850 collectible lots.

The first Nicholson piece is a sheet with legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s autographed hand-written production notes inscribed to Nicholson during the filming of the classic horror film The Shining. Penned on original EMI Elmstreet Studios Limited by Kubrick, using a red felt tip marking pen, the letter alerts Mr. Nicholson to an EMI theater schedule (est. $4,000-$5,000).

The second item is a 1987 typed letter, signed by Ron Harry, the Boston Garden organist for the Boston Celtics, addressed to Nicholson and telling him the reason he plays the song Hit the Road Jack during Celtics games: “Word has it that you are…America’s Number One Basketball Fan! That is the only reason that I play Hit the Road Jack – just good-natured fun” (est. $750-$1,000).

The George Walker item is an AMQS (autograph musical quotation signed), handwritten sheet music for a piece titled Sonata No. 1 for Piano, dated 1953. Walker (1922-2018), was an American composer, pianist and organist, as well as the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize. The AMQS, in fine condition, carries a modest pre-sale estimate of $400-$500.

The rest of the catalog is a tantalizing mix of offerings, in categories that include U.S. Presidents, Politics, Military, Space & Aviation, Classical Music and Film & Television. “Our History & Culture auction is our largest auction to date and offers an eclectic mix of material in all fields of autograph and document collecting,” said Jared Gendron, president and founder of JG.Limited.

Gendron added, “We’ve seen a significant increase in the consignment of lifetime collections and large archives. The contents of this auction represent the lifelong passion for collecting by several noble collectors. Procuring privately held collections through direct purchase or consignment is our passion, as it enables us to bring these pieces to auction for new collectors.”

A 5 inch by 8 inch silver gelatin print of George Marshall (1880-1959), signed by the American soldier and statesman who was a World War II hero, served as Secretary of Defense and won the Nobel Peace Prize, has an estimate of $500-$750. Also, a three-page Revolutionary War indenture document, signed by Thomas McKean, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, dated August 5, 1783, should change hands for $450-$500.

Another 8 inch by 10 inch silver gelatin photograph, this one of James “Jimmy” Hoffa signed by the former Brotherhood of Teamsters president (1957-1971), who was born in 1913 and disappeared in 1975, is expected to fetch $600-$750. Also, two items signed by the famed JFK assassination investigator Jim Garrison – a 3 ¾ inch by 4 ¾ inch glossy photograph and a typed letter signed by Garrison, both items personally inscribed to “Samuel”, should bring $350-$400.

An autographed handwritten letter signed in 1856 by the German-Swiss composer, pedagogue and pianist Joachim Raff (1822-1882), accompanied by a fully typed transcript, showing only mild age and wear, has an estimate of $1,000-$1,250; while an autograph musical quotation for Op. 45, signed on a card by the Russian composer and virtuoso pianist Nikolai Medtner (1880-1951), recognized as a significant Russian composer for the piano, should rise to $750-$1,000.

An authentic Major League Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers jersey, boldly signed by Ronald Reagan, with #40 on the front (signifying Reagan being the 40th US President), is expected to be a hit for $3,000-$3,250. Also, an 1885 baseball scorecard for games between the Providence Grays (vs. Detroit) and the Philadelphia Quakers (vs. Boston), signed by Harry Wright, “The Father of Baseball” and removed from his personal scorebook, should gavel for $1,200-$1,500.

An 8 inch by 10 inch black and white glossy photo of the starting members of the 1960 Boston Celtics basketball team (Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Frank Ramsey, Bill Sharman, Tom Heinsohn), signed in blue fine tip marker by all five, has an estimate of $750-$1,000. Also, a swimming pool ticket signed in pencil by Chuck Taylor (1901-1969), the American basketball player and basketball shoe product marketer (known for the Chuck Taylor All-Stars), should hit $400-$600.

An artist autographs archive of 14 notable 19th century American and European artists and painters, on clipped signatures and letters along with some unsigned accompanying materials, is estimated to sell for $750-$1,000. Also, a five-piece collection from Kenyon College, featuring three individual library check-out cards (one signed by alumni actor Paul Newman when he was a student there and one by faculty member John Crowe Ransom), should command $400-$500.

Here’s a direct link to the auction: https://bid.jg.limited/auctions/5-KQE9O/history-culture. In addition to online bidding, phone bids will also be accepted. To place a phone bid, call 978-536-0033.

Bidders please take note: 30-minute extended bidding starts on April 25th at 8 pm Eastern time. The clock will then reset for another 30 minutes each time a bid is placed. The 30-minute clock reset is unique for every lot; each has its own unique countdown during extended bidding period.

While its business is rooted in the past, JG.Limited is focused on – and welcomes – the future. It harnesses modern technology through a custom developed and designed website. In addition, the all-new Android and Apple apps allow bidders to participate in regularly scheduled auctions; register, preview, watch, and bid from tablet or mobile devices – all with the press of a button.

To learn more about JG.Limited and the History & Culture auction online now and ending on Tuesday, April 25th, or to register online to start bidding and buying, visit www.JG.Limited.


To learn more, or to register online to start bidding and buying, please visit www.JG.Limited.


JG Autographs, Inc. is founded by Jared A. Gendron; specializing in all areas of vintage autographs, ephemera, antiquities and collectibles including History, Entertainment, Art and Sports. In addition to maintaining a significant holding for e-commerce and direct retail purchase – fulfilling private collectors, dealers and galleries, JG currently serves as the parent company of a multifaceted enterprise. Our impeccable reputation for authenticity stands behind our products and is respected and trusted the globe over. Backed by over two decades of experience in the industry, all material we sell is guaranteed authentic.

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