JG Autographs Weekly eBay Auction Ends Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST

Your Passion Is Our Promise . . . Since 1997, JG Autographs, Inc. has specialized in all areas of vintage autographs, ephemera, antiquities and collectibles including History, Entertainment, Art and Sports. We are actively seeking to acquire collections so please contact us today at sales@jgautographs.com if you are looking to sell. All our weekly ebay auctions run for one week every week, always closing starting at 7:30 PM ESTNext auction ends September 15, 2020. Bid and view the auction at: https://www.ebay.com/str/JG-Autographs?LH_Auction=1&_sop=16&rt=nc.

JG Autographs Weekly eBay Auction Ends Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST
Our Story… Two Decades in the Making…

“Building something bigger and better has always motivated me,” says our founder, Jared Gendron. Since our inception in 1997, JG Autographs, Inc. has grown from a small, family-run business into a full-fledged, fully-staffed corporation. With a supporting team of researchers and writers, graphic designers, web developers and photographers, as well as some of the industries most reputable inventory providers, our Greater Boston e-commerce enterprise is steadily growing in both the caliber of our offerings and reputation.

Jared spent his teenage years collecting autographs from celebrities and athletes, filtering the money he earned from the sales into acquiring more. Bigger. Better. Over the course of almost two decades, this ‘more’ has progressed from autographs to all things culturally and historically significant … and desirable. This is what makes us such a unique organization – history is rediscovered here, every day. Nothing compares to physically holding a relic from Napoleon Bonaparte’s reign, or a Carte-de-visite photograph of Abraham Lincoln, or handwritten notes and sketches from First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. When history becomes tangible, it becomes real. When it becomes real, new perspective is gained. A renewed perspective inspires a renaissance of knowledge – knowledge that JGA shares with our customer base numbering in the tens of thousands.

But where does this ‘volume’ come from? This common question comes without a simple answer. The myriad acquired pieces come through varied avenues, from massive estate sales to premium single-piece items of unparalleled historical significance, onto contemporary items sourced directly from the stars and icons of today.Bridging the gap between vintage and contemporary, analog and digital, ephemera and e-commerce has always been our company’s chief goal. With one foot respectfully holding a space in the past and the other planted firmly ahead, we are always looking to ways of improving efficiency, accessibility and exposure. A state of the art, responsive website offers a fast and easy shopping or browsing experience on any device, for any generation. Providing experience, aesthetics, information and insight, our online presence is constantly evolving, while consistently acquired stock is cataloged with an exceptional range of accuracy, diversity and volume.

Within these walls, the past and present constantly collide. By rediscovering and recirculating history, we are writing our own, complete with a full appreciation of the roads traveled and those still ahead. In a way, Jared considers JG Autographs, Inc. to be his lifelong art project. “It is artistic, in a way . . . sculpting this thing out of nothing.” This is the very essence history – observing, gathering, planning and contributing – one idea, one action, one tangible result at a time.

All our weekly ebay auctions run for one week every week, always starting on Tuesday evening and they always close starting at 7:30 PM EST

JG Autographs Inc. is:

Jared A. Gendron | Founder, President

Paul A. Gendron | Vice President

Andrea J. Gendron | Editor

Trevor A. Gendron | Creative Director

Contact: sales@jgautographs.comhttp://www.jgautographs.com

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