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Join RR Auction in Bringing Space to Earth: Spacefest July 5-8

Answer the Call: Consign Your WWII Artifacts, Space Memorabilia,  Animation An Upcoming RR AuctionRR Auction CMO, Tricia Eaton, is available to discuss your collection onsite at Spacefest in Tucson, AZ. You’re invited to schedule an appointment for Friday July 6, Saturday July 7, or simply stop by our booth and say hello. Contact Tricia Eaton, CMO at (800) 937-3880 ext. 114 or e-mail We look forward to meeting you! Hear Tricia discuss the Space Auction market in A Step Beyond podcast with fellow Space enthusiast Dr. Anthony Paustian.

The thrilling world of SPACE EXPLORATION – Breaking the chains of gravity

Man has always wanted to fly. Once we broke that initial barrier with the Wright Brothers, it was only onward and upward to space exploration. There was a whole universe to reach and to explore, and we were going to make it happen.

RR Auction is honored that the top names in space exploration come to us to consign their incredible collections. From the scientists, engineers and insiders of the space race, to the very men and women who have traveled beyond Earth’s atmosphere, our consignors offer firsthand and incredibly rare collectibles gathered from one of the most exciting periods of modern history.


RR Auction consistently achieves the highest prices for autographs, training-used materials, flown artifacts, and space hardware. We were privileged to curate moonwalker Dave Scott’s watch, which sold at auction for $1.625 million. RR Auction attained the highest price ever paid for a signed Neil Armstrong photo, and a letter by Alan Shepard writing about the Mercury program also garnered record-shattering results.

In October 2017, we featured the collection of Dan Schaiewitz. As an engineer in the late 1960s, Schaiewitz worked at Cape Kennedy on the life support and oxygen systems astronauts would use during the Apollo 11 mission. His personal collection offered a rare insider’s glimpse into the United States’ space program, as well as intimate off-hours personal memories made with the astronauts and technicians.

In addition to people and things that have left and returned to Earth, our Space auctions have also included items originating from beyond Earth. Meteorite hunter and expert Geoff Notkin presented his first collection of beautifully diverse meteorites with RR Auction last fall, including a “moon rock” meteor with certification from Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke.

Our next Space Exploration auction will be October 18, 2018. Do you have memorabilia you’d like to consign for the April auction – autographs, signed documents, photos, posters, clothing, equipment, ephemera – contact us.

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