Join University Archives On May 8, 2018 for Historic Autographs Up For Auction

ualogo2016Your chance to buy historic autographs at low prices! Join University Archives live on May 8, 2018! We have a vast selection of autographed documents, manuscripts, photographs, books, and relics. Also items relating to presidential, historical, military, literary, judaica, aviation, entertainment, and much more!  Bid, register and view items from the auction here .

Highlights Include:

  • Lot 114: Andrew Jackson Fantastic ALS about the Creek War
  • Lot 28: Lenny Bruce Archive of Notes Reveals Business and Personal Side of Controversial Comic
  • Lot 135: JFK’s personally owned and monogrammed large duffel bag, which was later used by Jackie and Carolyn!
  • Lot 117: Steve Jobs – Rise of Apple: A FIRST STATE of The FIRST Apple Computer Super Bowl Ad, 1984, considered by many the best ad of all time, signed by the Ad’s late Art Director, Brent Thomas
  • Lot 85: Garbo invites Sidney Guilaroff, to visit her in Switzerland — “If you want to call me. Perhaps you would like to come a little later for a visit …” Garbo signs the letter as herself but also reveals her famous alias “Harriet Brown”
  • Lot 176: Chess Set bought for Lee Harvey Oswald by his mother when he was a teenager in New Orleans — the fact that he played chess is mentioned in the Warren Report by his mother and two soldiers he served with in the Marines
  • Lot 215: Shel Silverstein Archive of Over 500 Pages, His Life and Career as a Multi-faceted Artist
  • Lot 11: Major General Nathaniel Banks’ Civil War Starr carbine rifle, owned & used
  • Lot 142: Lincoln ALS dated 1859, shortly before his Cooper Union speech
  • Lot 61: Rare Force engraving of the Declaration of Independence printed in 1848