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Just Collect Auctions Over 400 High Grade PSA Cards & Memorabilia – Closing Sunday Dec. 28

Just Collect offers over 400 high grade, low pop PSA cards this week, including 1913 Tom Barker Game, 1962 Topps Stamps, 1964 Topps Beatles Movie, 1961 Topps Crazy Cards, 1963 Beverly Hillbillies, 1955 Golden Stamps Cleveland Indians, 1956 Adventure, 1961 Golden Press, 1974 Topps Stamps, and many more, in our Featured No Reserve Auctions Closing Sunday, December 28! Whether on consignment or purchasing for cash, Just Collect is the best way to maximize the value of your collection. Please call our office at (732) 828-2261 or email if you would like to discuss selling all or a portion of your collection.

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