Just Collect Buys The Boston Cracker Jack Collection

Just Collect Offers 500+ PSA and SGC Vintage Cards and Rookies Ending Sunday, December 11, 2016Just Collect Buys The Boston Cracker Jack Collection. You ask, How did the collection get to the Just Collect office in Somerset, New Jersey? We’ll let Mutt’s great-grandson, who sold Just Collect the collection, explains:

“My great grandfather, who spent his teenage years in the Boston area and developed a love for baseball. My father said grandpa Mutt ( George ) would go to games and spend whatever money he had on Cracker Jack’s and collect the cards and would also pick up any and all empty boxes he could find to see if any cards were in them still . Unfortunately he used the cards to keep records of if they were traded, released, and or switched positions. He also made a board in the shape of a baseball diamond and made stand up holders for the cards so he could place each player in their position on the field. He also made a spinner so he could play a board game style baseball game. I have found out from asking my dad why the Walter Johnson had no writing on it and it was because grandpa Mutt thought Walter Johnson was the best baseball player ever! When grandpa Mutt passed away he left them to my father, who put them in sleeves around 1967 to 1970 and placed them in a tobacco tin until around 2016 when my father gave them to me!”

Here’s a video and the interesting story behind the 100+ year old Cracker Jack collection Just Collect recently purchased including Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, and more than 130 other cards!