Just Collect: Even Small Collections Need Love Too

Just Collect: The Niagara Falls CollectionIf you have been a follower of Just Collect via Facebook or www.JustCollect.com, you know that we enjoy sharing many of the stories about the vintage collections we buy. Maybe you’ve been thinking about selling your collection, but were wondering if we would be interested. Maybe you’re worried the collection is too small, Guess what? We are interested!

No matter how big or small your vintage collection is, we want to hear about it.

We buy many small collections. Be it a handful of T206’s, a child hood collection with a 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card, a Parkhurst hockey collection (from people in Georgia!), or memorabilia that featured a signed Dr. J basketball, we are buyers! These were small collections, but we love small collections, too. We’d love to hear more about yours. Read the full story and see the video on our blog.