Just Collect is Buying Vintage Cards, Complete and Partial Sets

justcollect6-21-13Just Collect is  always buying vintage cards, sets, & collections. We also pay finder’s fees if you can refer us any leads. Please email Leighton@justcollect.com or call us at 732-828-2261 for more information or to set up an appointment. We are always buying vintage sports cards & non-sports cards from 1879-1979.

How Do I Sell My Baseball Cards?
If you have a vintage baseball card collection that you would like to sell, look no further than Just Collect. Not only do we offer the best customer service in the industry, our efficient and free appraisal process ensures that you have a reasonable cash offer within 48 hours. We’ll setup a free appraisal appointment with our vintage card experts at one of our five appraisal locations, or, if you’re not within driving distance, we may offer to pay to have your collection shipped to us (insured), and return shipping guaranteed in the event you choose not to take our offer. In cases where your sports cards are of high value or just physically too large to ship, Just Collect will fly out to you for an appraisal!

Identifying What is in Your Memorabilia or Card Collection
The first step in our buying process is to identify exactly what you have. This starts by looking at the year and brand of each sports card. This will tell our vintage card experts quite a bit about the overall value of the collection.

Also, a set’s value will increase depending on the number of “superstars” it includes. For example, a collection of 10 baseball cards with three superstars is usually more valuable than a collection of 100 cards with only one superstar.

If a set is pre-1980, it is considered vintage, while anything post-1980 is considered modern. Typically, vintage collections will have a higher value assuming they are in good condition. Just Collect specializes in vintage cards and currently we do not appraise or purchase modern card collections containing cards printed after 1980.

Evaluating the Condition
Once your sports cards or memorabilia is accurately identified, we can take a look at the condition. Any flaw in the condition of the piece will affect its overall value. These flaws can be as simple as corner wear or surface wear on a baseball card.

A common misconception is that all cards fresh out of the pack are considered to be in mint condition however this is not typically the case. Especially when dealing with vintage cards created using older processes and printing equipment. Print defects, centering issues, or miscuts are all common reasons for cards to lose value and unfortunately, entirely out of your control.

Understanding the Grading System
One of the most important things to understand when evaluating your trading card collection is how the grading system works. Luckily, we can turn to Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), which is a third-party resource that has been helping people put a value on vintage card and memorabilia collections for more than 20 years. Basically, PSA uses a 10-point grading scale to assess every piece. The higher the grade, the more valuable the item.

How We Buy Your Vintage Sports Cards or Memorabilia
At Just Collect, our buying process always begins with a free appraisal of your collection. In order to provide the highest level of convenience to our customers, we offer several different options to help get the items to our New Jersey offices. One option is to mail in the collection for an evaluation from our vintage card experts, with all expenses paid for by Just Collect. However, we understand that some people are not comfortable mailing in a valuable collection of sports cards and memorabilia. If you are located near one of our appraisal locations, call our team to set up a free appraisal appointment. If you’re not located within driving distance, but have a rare or high value collection that cannot be mailed, our team of experts can fly out to you for your free appraisal.

What We’re Looking For
If your baseball cards or memorabilia have value, Just Collect will buy them. To determine the current market value of your items, we utilize information such as past auction sales and published market guides. However, there are a few items we are constantly looking for. This includes vintage (pre-1980) sports cards and non-sports cards. Large collections, especially those including complete or near-complete sets, are always on our list as well. We also like trading cards featuring stars or hall-of-famers, or even high-grade cards featuring common players. And if your vintage collection includes a T206 or any other tobacco cards, 1952 Topps Baseball cards (featuring the Mickey Mantle rookie card), or 1933 Goudey cards, we are definitely interested! In addition to sports cards, Just Collect also buys other collectibles. These can include anything from autographs to vintage photos, game-used memorabilia, and comic books. In just the last few months alone, we have spent a quarter-million dollars buying vintage sports collections from people throughout the United States.

Contact Our New Jersey Offices Today
If you are interested in selling your baseball card or sports memorabilia collection, contact Just Collect today to set up a free appraisal appointment. Our reliable industry experts can help determine what you have, what it’s worth and make you cash offer within 48 hours!

Free Baseball Card Appraisals
So you’ve made some important decisions about your baseball card collection.

  • You’ve decided to sell your collection of cards.
  • You’ve selected Just Collect as the vintage baseball card buyer to buy your cards.
  • You’re ready for a free appraisal to hear what your baseball card collection is worth.

Now you need Just Collect to examine your cards so we are able to give you the proper value for your collection. We have four ways of evaluating collections for a free appraisal:

Digital Scan or Photography
The easiest and most common way that we can review your collection is sending us digital scans or photographs of your cards. Any digital camera, smartphone, or flatbed digital scanner would work for these purposes.

Send Them To Us
Ship them to us with return shipping guaranteed. We buy hundreds of collection through the mail each year. Box your cards up (hyperlink), send your collection to us and we will gladly take a look at them for you for free. If you choose not to sell them we will ship them back shipping fees paid by us!

Make an Appointment
If you wish to speak or meet with one of our specialist, you can make an appointment at our locations in NJ and NYC Metro area as well as the Boca Raton FL area.

We Come To You
Just Collect can and will travel to meet with you and appraise your cards when the items available are “the right deal” for both of us, and the cost-benefit of time, travel and the collection warrants.

The appraisal process starts with sharing your list of card inventory, indicating cards you wish to sell. You should include as much information about the collection as possible. The year of issue, card issuer/manufacturer, size (i.e., individual cards or complete sets), key player names, condition descriptions (you can reference our online grading guide here) and any other data that describes what you wish to appraise.

We then inspect and evaluate your cards. We’ll analyze them for condition, hobby-market demand, and appraise them for the current market retail value. The actual value of your collection may vary from those printed in card pricing guides, due to trends and market fluctuations and that those books are exactly that, “a guide” not what cards are selling for or have sold for.

Our appraisal services are available to you free of charge, and begin with the easy appraisal form on this page. Just Collect will walk you through the appraisal process answering any questions you might have. A specialist will provide a wealth of knowledge to help you understand your collection.