Just Collect: Mid-Grade Run of Early Bowman Cards Find A New Home

Just Collect Offers 1,000 More Vintage Cards Added This WeekThe Lehigh Valley is full of history and tradition, from the Rivalry between Lehigh and Lafayette, to historic districts like downtown Bethlehem, to the beautiful 200+ acres of wine country. And believe it or not, we’ve seen that same history and tradition with collectors from that region, as they have spent most of their lives amassing wonderful vintage collections, and sharing that passion with their children and family. Recently, Just Collect was fortunate enough to acquire one of those collections.

The collection comes from a family out in Mountain Hawk country, and consists of about three hundred vintage baseball & football cards, ranging from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. The condition of the collection was your usual “collector grade” we have come accustomed to seeing, but featured some of the game’s brightest stars, in the hobby’s most sought-after sets. You could tell the cards were carefully collected, and were well loved. That my friend, is history and tradition at it’s finest. Read full story here.