Just Collect’s Consignors Sell Their PSA Cards for the Most

Just Collect, Inc. (eBay ID: just_collect) is eBay’s largest consignment seller of PSA-graded sports and non sports cards and memorabilia. Just Collect consistently delivers the highest bottom line payment for its consignors by selling their graded cards individually, instead of in sets and groups like private auction houses.

Just Collect sells hundreds of graded cards for tens of thousands of dollars every week and would like the opportunity to work with you. Call Just Collect today at (732) 828-2261 or click here to read more about the process by which Just Collect will maximize the value of your consignment.

Just Collect, Inc. (eBay ID: just_collect) is eBay’s largest consignment seller of vintage cards and memorabilia. Each week, the firm sells tens of thousands of dollars of high-end graded cards and memorabilia on consignment for collectors, dealers, and investors across the country. Just Collect has built its reputation around professionally maximizing the value of its clients’ consignments and providing a higher bottom line payment than any other auction house.

Private catalog auctions target minimum lot averages of several thousand dollars. Many card lots (particularly graded card lots and sets) sold by private auction houses are purchased by dealers who often profit 30-50% or more by breaking up the lot or set and re-selling the cards individually! Just Collect allows you to realize this profit because we sell your cards individually, just like a dealer would do with his own inventory.

Just Collect offers its unique eBay online reporting software, ConsignorView, to all of its clients. ConsignorView provides a window into the eBay auction process, displaying both your current and closed auctions with pricing and bid histories. It simplifies accounting by providing weekly, monthly, and annual totals. We developed this software internally, exclusively for our clients — there is nothing else available like it!

“Time and time again, a collector calls our office considering selling an entire PSA-graded set as a single lot in a private auction,” says Leighton Sheldon, a principal at Just Collect. “In virtually every case, the collector nets far more money by allowing us to sell the cards individually on eBay. Dealers often purchase lots of graded cards from private auctions to sell them individually at a profit on eBay. Just Collect gives PSA collectors the ability to realize those profits by selling the cards individually for them, and provides convenient tracking through ConsignorView.”

Just Collect offers free appraisals and consultations. We would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your collection or your unwanted duplicates. Please call us at (732) 828-2261 or at info@justcollect.com to discuss how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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