JustCollectCards Continues Huge Sale With Free Shipping On Over 5,000 PSA Cards And Offers Catalog View Free

JustCollectCards continues its HUGE sale on PSA cards this week. We added over 750 fresh PSA cards last week and have an additional 680 PSA cards going up this week. Every card has free shipping. We sold over 600 PSA cards last week, so look early for the best selection.  Check out our selection!

Shop by Price:

(3,330+) $3 – $20
(3,500+) $21-$100
(140+) $101 and up


Shop by Year:
(1,060+) 1960s Cards
(1,490+) 1970s Cards
(2,230+) 1980s Cards
(1,530+) 1990s Cards
Shop by Sport:
(3,490+) Baseball Cards
(1,000+) Football Cards
(440+) Basketball Cards
(480+) Hockey Cards
(820+) Non Sports Cards

We are offering a huge selection in the following categories and many more:

(3,490+) Baseball Cards
(230+) 1950s
(300+) 1960s
(810+) 1970s
(1,470+) 1980s
(1,000+) Football Cards
(110+) 1960s
(270+) 1970s
(330+) 1980s
(820+) Non Sports Cards
(360+) 1960s
(310+) 1970s
(25+) 1970s
(190+) 1980s
(260+) 1990s
(20+) 1980s
(390+) 1990s
(3,060+) Vintage Sport Cards
(550+) pre 1950s
(360+) 1950s
(1,060+) 1960s
(1,490+) 1970s

Whether on consignment or purchasing for cash, Just Collect is the best way to maximize the value of your collection.  Please call our office at (732) 828-2261 or email info@justcollect.com if you would like to discuss selling all or a portion of your collection.

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