Kevin Keating’s Newest Inventory And FAQ’s

This week we have some really great items on our advance preview list and even more new acquisitions are listed on our website We’re certain the items listed below will go quickly. Be sure to contact us at 800-241-4809 or to reserve your finds early before they are advertised in the hobby press. This weekes autographes items include: Ken Hubbs, William Wrigley, Johnny Keane, Larry Lajoie, and much more.

Kevin’s Weekly Collecting Tips & FAQ

Q:Â How does one identify a forger?Â
A: To identify a forger, one has to analyze how a forger operates–what a forger must accomplish to succeed, the tactics that must be employed, and so on. To be successful, a forger has to accomplish three things:
1) Replicate the attempted autograph(s) to a reasonable amount of competency;
2) Use the proper material(s) manufactured and used during the time-period associated with the autograph(s) being replicated, with regard to pens, paper, balls, etc.-this is a greater challenge, naturally, for the forger doing vintage vs. contemporary material since vintage materials must be used and/or replicated and aging processes need to be considered and integrated; and
3) market the product(s)-a forger has to be able to sell his/her wares without detection and traceability.
In my opinion, #3 is the forger’s greatest challenge, since a skillful forger may be able to accomplish #1 and #2 on at least a limited basis but selling quantities of material without detection over time or without trace if and when the work is brought into question requires more sophistication on the part of the forger. To that end the buyer must be cognizant of forger-tactics and the use of price points.
To accomplish #3, the forger’s easiest target is the unsuspecting collector, a non-mainstream outlet, or a third-party seller for the material being pedaled
Forgers use paths of least resistance to place his/her wares into the market. These sales’ paths typically fit into three categories: 1) To the unsuspecting collector; 2) to the unknowledgeable vendor or 3) by way of a “cut-out,” that is, by way of a third-party seller.Â
We mentioned the first category, “the unsuspecting collector”, last week. This week we’ll discuss the 2nd category – “the unknowledgeable vendor”: Â
2)    The unknowledgeable vendor-also may fall victim to a forger’s products in the same way as a collector described above-by way of placing too much emphasis on “price-points” for purchases. Such vendors may be franchise store owners who have little inherent expertise in the items being offered; or they may be store owners who specialize in one area-not the autograph products being offered-and assume, for whatever reason (usually an accompanying false story of provenance such as, “My Dad just died and left me these items he collected in person and I would like to sell them but have no idea of their value”) that the forged works are authentic. These store owners take the offered bait, assuming the opportunity to be a “can’t miss” bargain at the offered prices by a seller claiming to know nothing about the offered item(s)’ value.Â
More on this topic next week.
We welcome your comments or questions as well to post in future newsletters.
 Thank you for choosing Quality Autographs as one of your premier sources for building your sports autograph collection and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Kevin Keating
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