Krikorian: Wilt’s Headband, Kareem’s Goggles? They’re Right Here

There are two Los Angeles Laker sites in Southern California where one can richly experience the area’s most popular athletic franchise. One, of course, is at Staples Center, where the Lakers play their home games and where they will open the NBA Finals tonight against the Orlando Magic. And the other is in a gated enclave in Laguna Niguel where, in a 1,100-square foot room on the second story of a mansion with a view of the Pacific Ocean, Laker history abounds with more than 2,500 artifacts – photos, shoes, jerseys, trophies, plaques, programs, posters, basketballs, publications, nets, seats and sundry other items. Indeed, when you first walk into this eclectic array of Laker mementos collected by the prominent memorabilia dealer, David Kohler, you are overwhelmed by the sight of the 150 Laker jerseys hanging from the 25-foot ceiling. Read full story here.