Last Days to Bid in Small Traditions Auction #1

Our Never-Ending Monthly Auction #1 is well under way and will culminate  this Thursday (9/27). Browse from dozens of PSA 10 and BGS 9.5 Gem Mint and Pristine 10 examples of all your favorite players with the single click of a button: Nolan RyanPete RoseGeorge BrettRickey HendersonCal RipkenDerek JeterMike SchmidtDon MattinglyBo JacksonKirby PuckettOzzie SmithDale MurphyRyne SandbergKen Griffey Jr.Michael Jordan, and so many more. All bids start at $1, and shipping is completely free. Please visit our new auction site at, read our Rules, and Register to bid today.  

We are currently in the process of loading our second Never-Ending Monthly Auction which will culminate on 10/25, and the consignments are rolling in.  Please call or write today to learn how you can sell with Small Traditions for absolutely no cost.

AUCTION #2: There has been a slight change to our schedule. Our next auction will not begin until the following Thursday, October 4th, and will still end three weeks later on Thursday, October 25th. Many thanks to our valued consignors for helping our second auction to surpass our very best expectations. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store at Small Traditions.

An alternative to selling on eBay, Small Traditions conducts auctions that start and end on the final Thursday of every month, providing enhanced search and image options, professional and engaging write-ups, and links to informative hobby reference and blog sites. Search our entire auction for your favorite players with the single click of a button! We are still adding new items daily until the final week of the auction, so please check back often. We are also seeking Consignments for our next events in October, November, and December, as well as for our online Store, where you can list your favorite items for absolutely no cost and even keep them in your possession until they sell. Explore all your options at Small Traditions, the hobby’s biggest little auction house.

Never-Ending Monthly Auction #1 Closes Thursday 9/27 at 11:11 EST

Nearly 500 Gem Mint Cards from PSA and BGS with $1 Starting Bids and No Reserves

The Internet’s Largest Selection of Rare BGS 10 Pristines with $1 Starting Bids and No Reserves

Our Never-Ending Monthly Auctions are always open for bidding to our registered users. To allow participation from bidders on both coasts, the auctions will begin to close and enter into Extended Bidding at precisely 11:11 PM EST on the final Thursday of every month. In order to continue bidding on a lot after this time, you must have already placed a bid on that lot previous to 11:11 PM EST, and so if you are the only bidder on that lot at that time, you will automatically be declared the winner. If there are multiple bidders, you may continue bidding until the auction automatically closes after 15 minutes have passed with no bids on any lot within the auction. At this point, the next month’s Never-Ending Monthly Auction will automatically open for bidding.


Dave Thorn – Owner of Small Traditions


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