Consign or Sell with One Click
Consign or Sell with one click

Legendary Auctions Accepting Consignments For 2011 Auctions

Why Do Consignors Choose Legendary Auctions? Legendary Auctions offers the ideal forum for presenting your high quality item or collection at auction. We not only help you realize the highest price for your valuable material, but we offer peace of mind to consignors that their items will be treated with the utmost care. Every aspect of the auction process through Legendary Auctions is executed with the greatest attention to detail. Let us do the work to get you the highest prices on your collectibles! You are always welcome to call our offices at (708) 889-9380 to speak with other members of our consignment team. We are always seeking consignments for our future auctions, including our first event of 2011, scheduled for February 23-24. To partner with an auction house dedicated to maximizing the value of your fine collectibles, visit or call us today at (708) 889-9380.

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