Legendary Auctions March Sale Exceeds Expectations

Legendary Auctions, a premier sports memorabilia auction house, announced recently that that its March sales delivered the results it had promised… and then some. The sale, which included over 2,800 lots of high-end Sports and Americana collectibles, included the first major installment of the Chad Drier Collection – the hobby’s largest private offering since the Halper Collection.

“The success of our March auction really sets the stage for what we expect to be an exciting year for our buyers, consignors and the hobby as a whole,” said Doug Allen, CEO and president of Legendary Auctions. “With the exception of the initial private-treaty sale, this was just the beginning of what the Dreier Collection has to offer and doesn’t even take into account our normal assembly of outstanding material and some great surprises we have in store for our Live Auction event this summer.”

Top items from Legendary Auctions March sale emanated from both the Dreier Collection and the normal auction offering. Highlights include:

1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb with “Ty Cobb” Back – PSA PR 1
In the Golden Era of tobacco and baseball cards, Cobb launched his own tobacco packaging company under the label, not surprisingly, “Ty Cobb.” The new company’s byline was “King of the Smoking Tobacco World.” These weren’t cigarettes, but rather shredded tobacco for the smoker preferring to roll his own… or for pipe smokers. The product was sold in tins, and into each of these retail units there was inserted a Ty Cobb baseball card which was, in nearly every consideration, identical to one of the Ty Cobb card varieties dispensed as standard T206s. One of these Ty Cobb T206 cards commanded $80,663.

Circa 1971-72 Wilt Chamberlain Los Angeles Lakers World Champions Game Used Road Jersey
If Wilt’s Warrior years were his statistical apex, and his 76er seasons were his MVP phase, then the Laker era was when he evolved into a complete player and consummate champion. The iconic jersey sold for $50,788.

Incredible 1911 D304 Brunners Bread Ty Cobb – PSA VG-EX+ 4.5
This showpiece Ty Cobb collectible hails from the universally admired and much sought-after D304 Brunner’s Bread release of 1911-14. Brunner’s items, products of the General Baking Co., are distinguished by scarcity of legendary proportions. This gem commanded $32,863.

Early 1960s President John F. Kennedy Personally Owned and Used Golf Bag – Gifted to His Secretary
A historical artifact is only as strong as its provenance. Here, that documented lineage begins with Mary Barelli Gallagher, who was secretary to John F. Kennedy and later Jacqueline Kennedy for the 12 years between 1953 and 1964. Ms. Gallagher received JFK’s golf bag directly from Jacqueline during a spring cleaning. The piece of Camelot sold for $32,863.

Charles Conlon Collection “Ty Cobb Sliding” Acrylic and Color Pencil Artwork By Adam Port
Last year, he devoted his considerable talents to the iconic work of master baseball photographer Charles Conlon. Port debuted this complete set of five oversized pieces during a gala event, “John Rogers Archive Presents the Charles Conlon Collection – Featuring Original Art by Adam Port,” which was held at Openhouse Gallery in New York City on September 19, 2011. The most famous action shot in baseball history captures Ty Cobb fiercely slashing into third base. It sold for $23,900.

Jim Leyritz 1996 New York Yankees Championship Ring
Anytime an authentic ’96 Yankees championship ring reaches the auction block, it’s a big deal. The Balfour, size-12-1/4 showpiece features a large shimmering diamond and 23 smaller diamonds. Leyritz’s name resides on one side panel, and an engraved manufacturer’s mark inside the band reads, “BALFOUR 14K.”The ring sold for $23,900.

1973-74 Jerry West Los Angeles Lakers Signed Game Used Road Jersey
Jerry West represented the Los Angeles Lakers from 1960-1974 as a player and became their coach just two years later in 1976. This jersey is from West’s final playing season. West has signed the front number in black marker (“9”). It sold for $17,925.

Rare 1959 Bazooka Football Complete Set (18) Plus Conerly “Colts” Variation
Deployed into the market only as the counter-shuffling and shelf-sliding surface that constituted the back of a Bazooka box, the eventual fate of the colorful cards, in terms of condition, was indeed gloomy. Few survived in presentable state, and high-grade specimen are cherished. This EX/MT to NM set sold for $16,730.

Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball
Certainly ranking among the finer Babe Ruth single signed balls, this signature is cleanly bold to a strength of “8-9.” The ball, in a word, was marketed for non-professional enjoyment, and to enhance its commercial appeal, Spalding subtitled it “King of the Diamond” – as is boldly stamped at the ball’s opposing sweet spot. It sold for $16,730.

Lou Boudreau 1948 Cleveland Indians World Champions Game Used Home Jersey
In the course of his MVP 1948 season, Lou wore this Cleveland Indians home jersey. The cream-colored button-down garment features “Indians” across the chest, expressed in a red-on-navy felt appliqué, and Boudreau’s number “5” is sewn to the back in like fashion. It went for $16,730.

Johnny Bench 1975 Cincinnati Reds Signed Game Used Home Jersey
A perfect 10+ knit representation of one of baseball’s greatest catchers, from a fabled season no less! It commanded $15,535.

1936 R144 Wolverine Gum “Strange True Stories” Partial Set (21/24) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry! All of the great subjects in the Wolverine Gum issue are here, including such jewels as “Drowned by a Giant Clam,” and “Death in the Sahara.” The partial set commanded $15,535!

Additional auction standouts grouped by category include:

Sports Cards
A 1967 Topps high grade complete set (609) sold for $13,145; a 1902-11 W600 Sporting Life Cabinet John “Hans” Wagner, with Original Glassine Envelope went for $13,145; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Clark Griffith, Batting, “Broadleaf 460” Back – PSA PR 1 went for $11,950; a 1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle – PSA NM-MT 8 netted a final price of $11,353; a scarce 1922 V61 Neilson’s Chocolate complete set (120) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry sold for $11,353; a 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle – PSA Authentic sold for $9,560; a 1961 Topps Complete Set (587) went for $7,768; a 1909-11 E254 Colgan’s Chips “Stars of the Diamond” partial set (198/237) plus variations and duplicates had a final price of $7,170; a 1950-51 D290-12 “Bread for Energy” Partial Set (29/42) commanded $7,170; a 1920 Tex Rickard Babe Ruth “Headin Home” Batting, Close-Up – PSA GD 2 “1 of 1!” went for $7,170; a 1933 Goudey #149 Babe Ruth – PSA NM-MT 8 (OC) sold for $5,975; a 1948 Leaf Collection (51) Including Satchell Paige and Many “Short Prints” sold for $5,975; a1966 Topps Complete Set (598) realized a final price of $5,975; a1933 R333 DeLong Complete Set (24) – #6 on the PSA Set Registry sold for $5,677; a 1952 Topps “High Numbers” PSA EX 5 Collection (22 Different) Including Dickey, Durocher and Reese) went for $5,677; a 1955 Topps Complete Set (206) sold for $5,378; a 1957 Topps PSA-Graded Partial Set (229/407) went for $5,378; and a 1952 Topps “Low Number” Run (1-310) Plus “High Numbers” went for $5,079.

Advertising Premiums/Promotions
An 1887 N284 “Buckner Gold Coin” Advertising Poster sold for $13,145; a 1962 Salada-Junket Coins Complete Master Set (265) – one of the few known Master Sets in the hobby went for $9,560; a 1910s Stall & Dean Championship Trophy Cup depicting Ty Cobb in famous T3 Turkey Red pose sold for $7,170; and a 1912 S81 Turkish Trophies Large Silk Premium #95 Frank Baker sold for $5,079.

An unprecedented offering of 1910 P13 Luxello Cigar Pins (20/23) Including Baker, Collins and Plank sold for $8,365; a circa 1915 Schmelzer’s Sporting Goods Ty Cobb Pinback went for $7,170; an ultra-rare and important 1897 Louis Sockalexis Ornate Portrait Pinback sold for $5,378; and a 1910 Frank Chance Pinback Honoring Chicago Cub Pennants commanded $5,378.

Photos, postcards and artwork
An 1882 Providence Grays Team Cabinet Photo Featuring Harry and George Wright went for $10,755; a Charles Conlon Collection “Babe Ruth Swinging” acrylic and color pencil artwork by Adam Port sold for $9,560; a Charles Conlon Collection “Shoeless Joe Jackson” acrylic and colored pencil artwork by Adam Port commanded $7,768; a Charles Conlon Collection “Christy Mathewson” acrylic and colored pencil artwork by Adam Port sold for $7,170; and a Charles Conlon Collection “Honus Wagner” acrylic and colored pencil artwork by Adam Port went for $6,573.

Other Baseball Memorabilia
A rare 1907 World Series Program at Detroit (Tigers vs. Cubs) sold for $13,145; a 1941-1999 St. Louis Cardinals Team Signed Balls Collection (66) sold for $11,950; an extraordinary signed index cards collection (7,000+) including 292 Hall of Famers and featuring more than 2,000 deceased players sold for $10,755; a 1927 Mills Novelty Company “Play Ball” slot machine arcade game sold for $10,158; a1931 St. Louis Cardinals World Champions team signed ball (20 signatures) including Frisch, Hafey and Grimes commanded $8,365; a Hall of Famers single signed balls collection (97 different) including Mantle, DiMaggio, Williams and Koufax realized a final price of $7,170; a 1910s Pita sold for $5,677; and a Babe Ruth single signed ball went for $5,079.

Memorabilia from other Sports
A 1962 Wilt Chamberlain “100-Point Game” ticket stubs matching pair – PSA Authentic sold for $11,950; a 1919 Notre Dame “All Western Halfback” charm presented to George Gipp went for $10,158; a 1967-68 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia 76ers signed contract – his final MVP season- sold for $9,560; and a the 1965 NFL Hall of Fame Bust of Bob Waterfield sold for $6,573.

Memorabilia from other Sports
1942 R14 American Caramel Co. “American Historical Characters” complete set (30) plus certificate – #1 on the PSA Set Registry sold for $7,170; and a 1932 R114 U.S. Caramel “Presidents” complete Master Set (90) minus McKinley went for $5,677.

For more information on the March 2012 auction, to register to bid in upcoming auctions or for details on consignment , call Legendary Auctions at (708) 889-9380 or go to www.legendaryauctions.com.

Legendary Auctions, located in Lansing, Illinois is a premier auction house committed to bringing the world’s best and most desirable sports and Americana memorabilia to the collecting public. The company specializes in online, private sales and live auction events and has handled some of the most coveted sports and Americana in existence.

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