Legendary Auctions Offers The John Graham Collection In August 5, 2011 Live Auction

With the sale of three lots in the Legendary Auctions August 5, 2011 Live Auction sale (#43 Extremely Rare 1880’s Matched Pair of Fingerless Baseball Gloves , #46 1910’s Stahl & Dean Ty Cobb-Endorsed Glove and Matching Pictorial Box and #47 1930’s Babe Ruth-endorsed “Home Run Special” Glove and Matching Pictorial Display Box ) Legendary Auctions kicks off the sale of The John Graham Collection.

“A baseball glove is a beginning and an ending: a boy’s first sure step towards manhood; a man’s final lingering hold on youth; it is a promise and a memory.” These poignant words, quoted by a well-known glove collector and authority, appear in his foreword to John Graham’s book, Baseball Gloves – Store Model Gloves from 1880’s to 1940’s – From the Collection of John Graham (2010). Player endorsed gloves carry all of the magic outlined in the referenced passage, plus an additional, powerful intangible: association with a particular, revered athlete. As well as reveling in dreams of baseball glory, young men tend to identify strongly with a specific hero. Boys from their respective generations would have idolized Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, or Mickey Mantle, and playing the game while wearing equipment bearing those players’ names was the height of a youthful ballplaying experience. Nostalgia, visual appeal, and scarcity are additional elements motivating the modern collector of these captivating leather artifacts.

One of the finest galleries of player endorsed store model gloves ever assembled was compiled by Texas collector John Graham. Focused on condition as well as completeness, his amazing “finds” were drawn together to form a museum-caliber trove of astonishing breadth. (His diligence in seeking out and acquiring the most exceptional items was gentlemanly in nature, but nevertheless unrelenting.) Consisting of the most comprehensively representative and highest-quality material imaginable – including a mind-boggling 85 of the 88 known pre-war glove models endorsed by Hall of Famers (plus Joe Jackson) – Graham’s collection served as the resource for simply incredible displays. (These are pictured in Graham’s book, which also serves as an invaluable, pictorial reference work in full color.)

Please Note: Winning bidders of one or more pieces from The John Graham Collection’s “Player Endorsed Store Model Gloves” section in this catalog will receive a complimentary copy of his book, Baseball Gloves – Store Model Gloves from 1880’s to 1940’s – From the Collection of John Graham.


Full Preview Now Online for our August 5th Summer Sports Memorabilia LIVE Auction. The event features 100 offerings of truly extraordinary sports memorabilia and will be held at MUVICO in Rosemont, IL, 8:30 pm, Friday, August 5, 2011. Online proxy bidding begins July 25. For event reservations please call (708) 889-9380. Space is limited.  As our customers have come to expect this will include a wide array of game used items, memorabilia, historical artifacts and rare sports cards. There will be something for everyone! Some highlights include:

Lot #NameMinimum Bid
1Historic 1866 “Wapellos of Rock Island, Illinois” Cartes de Visite Collection (13) – Featuring the Entire Team, plus a CDV of Trophy Balls, Memorializing 119-7 Victory!$5,000
21895 N300 Mayo Cut Plug Complete Set (48) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry$10,000
31887 Kalamazoo Bats Wilbert Robinson/Fred Mann Cabinet (N690-1) and Card (N690) – One of Just Two Cabinets in the Issue Featuring a Hall of Famer!$5,000
51888 N338-1 S.F. Hess “California League” Charles J. Sweeney – SGC 40 VG 3$2,500
61894 N142 Honest (Duke) Cabinet Ed Delehanty – SGC 30 GD 2$4,000
71899-1900 M101-1 Sporting News Supplements Complete Bound Set (62) – A Nearly Impossible Set to Assemble!$15,000
8Extremely Rare 1908 Ty Cobb Detroit Free Press Postcard – One of Only Two Known! – SGC Authentic $4,000
91909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb, Bat On Shoulder – PSA NM-MT 8$7,500
101909-11 T206 White Border Sherry “Magie” Error Card – SGC 20 FR 1.5$4,000
111909 T206 White Border Eddie Plank – With Stunning Color and Eye Appeal! – PSA Authentic$7,500
12Extensive 1909-11 T212 Obak Complete Sets Collection (3 Different, Plus Variations – Containing 430 Cards In Total) Including Chick Gandil, Ten Million and Buck Weaver$15,000
13J.L. Wilkinson Signed Bank Check/Receipt – Exceedingly Rare Signature of Hall Of Famer and Founder of Kansas City Monarchs – PSA DNA MINT 9$4,000
15Walter Johnson Early 1900s Signed Studio Photograph – Among the Earliest Known Examples!$2,500
16Rare Circa 1930 Tris Speaker Single Signed Ball – Beautiful Sweet Spot Signature!$5,000
17Christy Mathewson 1925 Full Signature Signed Letter as President of Boston Braves – Great Baseball Content Offering to Share “Inside Points About Art of Pitching”$7,500
18“Bustin’ Babes” and “Larrupin’ Lous” 1927 Barnstorming Panoramic Photo$4,000
20Thurman Munson’s 1978 Signed Student Pilot License Framed Display – PSA DNA MINT 9$5,000
27Tremendous “.400 Hitters Club” Multi-Signed Ball (6 Signatures) Including Cobb, Hornsby, Williams, Sisler, Terry and Clarke*$5,000
28Exceedingly Rare Joe Jackson Signed Bat – Penned on a 1918 White Sox Teammate Johnny Mostil Gamer!$40,000
29Historic 1919 Chicago Black Sox Original Glass Negatives Archive (12) – Including Joe Jackson and Game Action Shots!$4,000
301919 Joe Jackson Follows the Flight of His Ball – Paul Thompson Original Photo – PSA DNA Authentic Type I$5,000
31Rare 1913 “Jim Thorpe at the Plate” Underwood & Underwood Original News Service Photo – PSA DNA Authentic Type I$1,500
32Extraordinary 1906 Christy Mathewson Original Photograph – Used to Create His T206 Tobacco Card – PSA DNA Authentic Type I$4,000
34Poignant Circa 1921 Babe Ruth Paul Thompson Original Photo – “Babe” En Route to the Plate “Batter Up” – PSA DNA Authentic Type I$4,000
36Rare 1861 “Home Run Quick Step” Full Color Baseball Sheet Music$2,500
37Rare and Exceptional 1867 “Home Run Polka” Sheet Music$1,500
38“George Wright” 1973 Hand-Painted Baseball by George Sosnak$2,500
391891 Cleveland Spiders Composite Photo Baseball Schedule – Featuring Cy Young in His First Full Season!$2,500
40Rare and Magnificent 1876 Muller Baseball Clock – Featuring High-Relief Depictions of Historic Baseball Figures Alexander Cartwright and Henry Chadwick$4,000
411887 Detroit Wolverines World Champion Team Original Imperial Cabinet Featuring Ned Hanlon, Dan Brouthers, and Sam Thompson$5,000
421888 A35 Goodwin “Baseball Champions” Tobacco Premium Album – The Famed “Round Album”$7,500
43Extremely Rare 1880s Matched Pair of Fingerless Baseball Gloves$7,500
44Circa 1910 American Chicle “Fad-A-Way” Gum Advertising Display Box Featuring Christy Mathewson$1,000
45Exceptional Early 1900s Ornate Silver Baseball Figural “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” Music Box$2,500
46Exceedingly Rare 1910s Stahl & Dean Ty Cobb-Endorsed Glove and Matching Pictorial Box$6,000
471930s Babe Ruth-Endorsed “Home Run Special” Glove and Matching Pictorial Display Box$4,000
48Rare 1911 “Addie Joss Day” Postcard/Cabinet Photograph$4,000
491910 E125 American Caramel Die-Cut Christy Mathewson – SGC Authentic$5,000
50High Grade 1910 E90-3 American Caramel Complete Set (20) – #2 on the SGC Set Registry$5,000
511912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders Complete Set (132) – #8 on the PSA Set Registry$15,000
52Exceedingly Rare 1912 La Azora Cigars Ty Cobb “Schedule Backs” Complete Set (2 Cards) – Both SGC-Graded$4,000
531913 H813 Boston Garter – Larry Doyle – SGC Authentic$4,000
541914 Cracker Jack #103 Joe Jackson – SGC 84 NM 7$20,000
55Rare 1916 M101-4 “Altoona Tribune” #151 Babe Ruth – PSA VG 3$15,000
561916 M101-5 Famous and Barr #176 Jim Thorpe Rookie Card – PSA VG-EX 4 “1 of 1!”$4,000
571917-20 M101-6 Sporting News Supplements/Felix Mendelsohn PSA-Graded Collection (37 Different) Including Ruth, Johnson and Other Hall of Famers!$4,000
59Ultra-Rare, Newly Discovered 1969/70 Topps Complete Set (99 Cards) on a Full Uncut Sheet – One of Only Three Known Examples!$2,500
60Scarce 1910 T220 Mecca “Champion Prizefighters” Silver Border Boxing Complete Set (24) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry$5,000
611935 R331 National Chicle Complete Set (36) Including Nagurski PSA EX-MT 6 Example! – #9 on the PSA Set Registry$7,500
621948-1952 Football Exhibit Cards Complete Master Set (128)$5,000
63New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVII Full-Size Vince Lombardi Trophy$5,000
641971/72 O-Pee-Chee Hockey 2nd Series Unopened Wax Box (36 Packs)$15,000
651980 “Miracle on Ice” Game-Winning Hockey Puck and Signed Team Photo – With Provenance and Ticket Stubs in Magnificent Framed Display$7,500
66Incredibly Rare October 8, 1913 World Series Game 2 at Philadelphia Full Ticket – Mathewson vs. Plank! – PSA Authentic$1,500
671913-14 “White Sox & Giants World Tour” Pennant – Featuring Christy Mathewson$4,000
68Ornate 1917 14K Gold Pocket Watch Presented to Honus Wagner as a Retirement Gift by Owner Barney Dreyfuss – Originates From Teammate Max Carey$7,500
69Spectacular 1916-17 Full Size Silver Presentation Bat and Ball (2 Items) – Awarded to Frank Chance, Manager of PCL Champion Los Angeles Seraphs$4,000
71Attractive 1920s Ty Cobb “Safe” Trophy by Dieges & Clust$4,000
72Newly Discovered Circa 1922 Babe Ruth Royal Diamond & Watch Co. Premium Advertising Piece$1,000
73Rare 1927 Mills “Play Ball” Baseball Slot Machine with Custom Display Stand$4,000
74Spectacular Jackie Robinson Pinbacks Collection (16 Different) – Including “Brooklyn Eagle” Rarity $2,500
751956 Stan Musial St. Louis Cardinals Game Worn Home Jersey – Rare One-Year Style!$10,000
76Pristine Boston Red Sox Sept. 28, 1960 Scored Program and Ticket Stub – Ted Williams’ Final Game – His 521st Home Run$1,500
772004 Boston Red Sox World Championship Front Office Ring with Original Presentation Box$10,000
781975 Carlton Fisk Boston Red Sox Signed Post Season Home Jersey – Possibly Worn as He Hit His Historic World Series Home Run!$7,500
79Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron Dual Signed Ball – Began Its Journey as a Spring Training Home Run Ball!$5,000
80Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris 30″ x 36″ Original Oil Painting by Ron Stark $4,000
83Rare Beatles Signed Checks (4) – All PSA DNA-Graded – Beautifully Framed with Four Original Cow Palace Performance Photos$7,500
84Spectacular 1960s Beatles Signed Display (PSA DNA MINT 9) with Comiskey Park Performance Photo and Full Ticket$4,000
85Rare 1916 Zeenut Jimmy Claxton – First 20th Century Black Player in Professional Baseball – SGC 40 VG 3$5,000
861922 E120 American Caramel SGC-Graded Complete Set (240) $5,000
871928 Exhibit Supply Co. “Pacific Coast League” Complete Set (32) – #1 on the PSA Set Registry$4,000
881929 Star Player Candy #21 Babe Ruth – SGC 88 NM/MT 8 “1 of 2!” – Freshly Pulled from an Unopened Pack!$7,500
891953 Glendale Meats Detroit Tigers Complete Set (28) – #3 on the PSA Set Registry$5,000
90Rare 1952 Central National Bank of Cleveland Complete Set (20) – Including 19 Previously Unknown Subjects!$5,000
911953 Hunter Wieners St. Louis Cardinals Complete Set (26) – On 13 Uncut Panels$15,000
921959 Bazooka Uncut Proof Sheet Featuring All 14 “Short-Printed” Subjects Plus 20-Count Box Design – The Only Sheet of its Kind Known to Exist!$5,000
93Incredibly Scarce 1967 Topps Venezuela “Retirado” Series Complete Set (50) – #2 on the PSA Set Registry$5,000
941968 “Champion Corn Flakes” – Tremendous Collection of Uncatalogued Baseball Cards (52 Different) – Including Aaron, Clemente, Mantle and Mays$5,000
95Willie Mays 1965-1968 H&B Signed Game Used Bat Bearing Vintage 1960s Signature – PSA DNA GU 9$4,000
961917-21 Rogers Hornsby Hillerich & Bradsby Game Used Bat – From His Early Days with the St. Louis Cardinals! – PSA DNA GU-9$7,500
971953 Roy Campanella Hillerich & Bradsby Vault Marked C186 Game Used Bat – Historic Gamer from his Finest MVP Season! – Graded PSA DNA GU 8.5$15,000
98October 14, 1923 Historic “Last Out” Ball that Ended Game 5 of the New York Yankees’ First World Series – The Only Game Ball Known from this Milestone Championship!$4,000
99Unique Babe Ruth 1947 Twice-Signed and Inscribed Christmas Day Baseball – Penned on Ruth’s Final Christmas!$5,000
100Babe Ruth Early 1920s H&B Game Used Bat – A Fantastic and Early Ruth Gamer!$20,000