Lelands.com Bringing Record Setting Babe Ruth Jersey To National Sports Collectors Convention

Babe Ruth’s earliest game-used NY Yankees jersey known to exist set a record when New York auction house Lelands.com purchased it for a record $4.4 million—the highest price ever paid for a piece of sports memorabilia or card. The public will have a rare opportunity to view the world’s most famous shirt when Lelands.com displays the jersey at the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC), August 1-5, at the Baltimore Convention Center.

“Babe Ruth is the king of all sports, the most iconic figure in sports history,” said Mike Heffner, president of Lelands.com. “We are ecstatic with the new owner’s decision to share this very rare, very special and very important piece of sports memorabilia with fans who would never otherwise have the opportunity to see it in person.”

The early 1920s jersey, purchased by Lelands.com this past May, was worn by the “Sultan of Swat” after coming over to the Yankees from the Boston Red Sox. It had previously been displayed at The Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum in Baltimore. An avid collector and baseball lover bought the jersey after one of the most high-profile and competitive auctions in the marketplace. The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, arranged for the jersey to also be displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Lelands.com is America’s oldest and most respected sports memorabilia auction house, and has handled such landmark collections as The Busch Stadium Collection, The Mickey Mantle Auction of the Greer Johnson Collection, The Harry M. Stevens Auction, Charlie Sheen Collection and the famed Boston Garden Auction, as well as individual pieces such as The Babe Ruth Sale Document. Over the past ten years, Lelands.com has sold over $100 million worth of vintage sports memorabilia and cards, pop culture memorabilia and photographs.

The Bambino’s jersey will be under guard for the duration of the NSCC show, the largest sports memorabilia show in the country for exhibitors, auction houses, dealers, collectors and fans. To learn more about the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC), August 1-5, at the Baltimore Convention Center, visitwww.NCSSshow.com.