Lelands Is Coming To Boston April 27-29, 2018

lelands7-10-17logoWhat’s your stuff worth? Find Out in Wilmington, Mass This Weekend! Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 27-29, 2018 at the Shriner’s Auditorium, lelands4-27-18b99 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA 01887. Mr. Jordan Gilroy, one of Lelands’ experienced appraisers and authentication expert, will be available for private appointments at the Card Show at Shriner’s Auditorium, just 15 miles north of Boston. Contact Mr. Gilroy to make an appointment, or stop by during the show. Free Appraisals and Free Authentication.

We are now accepting consignments for The Lelands’ 2018 Invitational, the most exclusive auction in the world. Perhaps we will include your pieces in the Invitational!
Contact jordan@lelands.com – 516-640-2014 or visit our web site for more information at www.lelands.com.



Why Choose Lelands Auctions

The Original Sports Auction House
Lelands is the original sports auction house and the most respected and trusted firm in the “hobby.” Now in our fourth decade, Lelands possesses a deep knowledge base and a wealth of experience that is unsurpassed by any sports auction firm in the world.

Our Greatest Strength is Knowledge
Lelands’ sports collectible knowledge is unrivaled. Partners Joshua Leland Evans and Michael Heffner have a combined 80 years of experience collecting and authenticating sports memorabilia valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Choice for Serious Sports Collectors
Experienced sports collectors come to Lelands first, relying on us for fast and accurate in-house authentication and appraisal, reserving the use of grading services as a secondary opinion.

The Most Important Auctions in the World
Lelands is the auction house of choice for discerning collectors who want to own the most important pieces in the hobby. The Lelands’ Invitational is the single most anticipated sports memorabilia auction in the world, and held only when warranted. The Lelands’ Semi-Annual Classic is the most celebrated regularly-scheduled auction in the industry. The Lelands’ Open is a monthly event that receives the most bid volume of any of our auctions.

Buying: The Trusted Name in Sports Collectibles
We work with our clients to understand their interests, and provide expert guidance to fulfill their requirements. As the most informed team in all of sports memorabilia and vintage card collecting, we know the current market, what pieces are available, and their current and potential future value range.

Selling: Meeting Your Needs
With our vast experience and informed view, Lelands more precisely values, and more effectively markets, the vintage sports pieces that are brought to our attention. Based on a seller’s circumstances, we may recommend an outright purchase, consignment for private placement, or consign for one of our important auctions.

Your Invitation from the Originals
Lelands is the original sports auction house and the premier appraisers and auctioneers in the hobby. Whether selling your collection or seeking to buy an important piece of sports history, we invite you to experience the best team in all of sports memorabilia – Leland’s.